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What to do in Concepción / Talcahuano, Patagonia Chile

Places to visit in Concepcion

The Cathedral ‘Sagrada Concepción’ with a marked Roman style and to the side, in the old Episcopal palace, the Museum of Sacred Art, where portraits, cult objects and priestly gears can be observed.
The Square of the Independence, where January 1 1818 were proclaimed the independence of the Republic of Chile.
The paints gallery of the University of Concepción, where the most complete collection of Chilean painting is.

Places to visit in Talcahuano

The fishing market and the ‘Bentotecas’ (shellfish places), with view to the port and the Club of Yachts in Concepción's bay.
The armored Monitor Huascar, relic of the naval combat of Iquique in 1879, built in England in 1864, the oldest second in the world after the Warrior (it is in England).
The industrial neighborhood, with the enormous ovens and buildings of lamination of the Steel Huachipato.
To the outlet of the river Itata: toward the north by the coast of the sea are 90 kilometers in total, going by Penco and Lirquén (they form a single city of 40,000 inhabitants), Tomé, port and 37,000 inhabitants' spa, Dichato, a spa of 3,000 inhabitants with many hotels and residential. Very near there is located the tourist complex Pingueral with beautiful beaches of white sand. From this place until the outlet of the Itata, there are 26 kilometers of a road impossible to traffic after having rained, but very good area of sea fishing.
To Hualqui:
they are just 25 kilometers toward the south by the riverside of the river Biobío and you arrives to Hualqui, a town of 10,000 inhabitants, fruit-horticultural center, where in summer is carried out the party of the apple, canoe competitions and rodeos.

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