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What to do in Contulmo - Lanalhue lake, Patagonia Chile

Interesting event

In the month of February it takes place the night of the moon where the very illuminated crafts make a journey by the lake and it ends with a pretty popular party.
To Playa Tranquila: toward the south coast of the lake Lanalhue. After 3 kilometers from the starting point you’ll be able to visit the House and Mill Grollmus. 5 kilometers away it is Puerto Contulmo, where it went aboard the agricultural production in small ships to the other end of the lake. 10 more kilometers and you’ll get to Playa Tranquila that has a German style inn where you can savor some delights. And a little later on is the paradise for the windsurfers, Playa Lincuyín.
To Villa Elicura: 10 kilometers to the north of Contulmo. There you can visit the ‘Ruca Lelbún’, an indigenous shack assisted by a Mapuche family, where you can learn how they lived, how they cooked and how it is conformed to a Mapuche family.
To Purén: they are 20 kilometers toward the east by a natural step in the mountain range of Nahuelbuta. Half the way in the highest part, it is the Natural Monument Contulmo, an area with the influence of the most humid marine winds that favors species like olive trees, ‘ulmos’, oaks and ‘tepas’, whose trunks are covered with ferns. A kilometer later on you will see the Jump and the Cascade Don Gollito, 22 and 17 meters high respectively. The road continues to the same height surrounded of a lot of vegetation until arriving to Purén, 14,000 inhabitants' city, located to the exit of the step of the mountain range. It has a very rich history since it was founded several times, the first one in 1553 by Pedro de Valdivia. In the war of Arauco it was a key and strategic geographical point. We recommend to visit the fortification ‘Carlos de Purén’. It is a reconstruction since the original been founded by Saavedra in 1869, was destroyed by the last Mapuche attack in 1881.
To the lake Lleulleu: leave Contulmo toward the south by an earth road toward Huillinco. In the first kilometers the road climbs fby a soft hill from where you’ll have very good views of the lake Lanalhue and in the kilometer 18 you’ll arrive at the lake Lleulleu, with steep costs and visited by windsurfers. 5 kilometers ahead is located the village of Huillinco that has beach on the lake. There are cabins, salmon hatcheries and good fishing.

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