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What to do in Copahue - Caviahue, Patagonia Argentina


TERMALISMO IN COPAHUE: in the last years it has gone changing the philosophy of the visitors to these thermal baths. During years most of the people going to Copahue was the people that suffered some illness. However today, the tourists combine the bonus of the improvement in their state of health with treatments of beauty and relaxation in one of those “spa to open sky” more important of the world that also counts with a balneotherapy building with a capacity of 2,500 baths per day.
To the crater of the volcano Copahue: this trip can be done on foot or horse. During the trip the tourist will enjoy an impressive and unique landscape in the whole Patagonia for his immensity and his “rarity”, since it presents a physiognomy completely out of vegetation. In the crater of the volcano Copahue is a lagoon of almost three hectares of extension, fed permanently by thaw waters and precipitations, with a temperature of almost 40° C due to the gassy emanations of the volcano. That lagoon gives origin to the river Agrio.
To the lagoon Escondida: from Caviahue there is a path that ascends by different basalt terraces among forests of araucarias until arriving at this small lagoon. In the itinerary the tourist goes by different panoramic points from where one can see the village and the lake Caviahue, the river Agrio and a jump of water 15 meters high surrounded by forests and called the ‘Cascada Escondida’. To this cascade you can go walking or on horse.
To the cascades of the river Agrio:
by a path that leaves of Caviahue and goes skirting the river Agrio among millennial araucarias you can go visiting one by one, the seven cascades that exist in this sector. Each fall of water among the basalt blocks with a different beauty and as we go ascending, we go leaving the lake Caviahue below and we see the volcano Copahue closer.
To the jump of the river Agrio:
if we leave from Caviahue toward Copahue by the provincial route #26 and then we take the route #27 in address to El Huecú, after traveling 17 kilometers we arrive to the jump of the Agrio. Spectacular fall of water in a basalt pot, from where the river Agrio begins to traffic through a beautiful canyon.

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