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What to do in Cutral Co - Plaza Huincul, Patagonia Argentina

Main Activities

The Municipal Museum Carmen Funes, where they are the remains of the biggest herbivore dinosaur in the world (Argentinosaurus Huinculensis).
The Well N° 1, monolith reminder of the locus in quo flowed petroleum for the first time in the Neuquén province.
The Thermal Well “La Curva”, of alkaline-brackish waters with therapeutic properties.
The ruins of Carmen Funes’ ranch, well known as “La Pasto Verde”, a woman with an important protagonism in the time of the campaign of the desert.
To the lake Los Barreales: distant 50 kilometers by the provincial route #17 (paved). This lake together with the lake Mari Menuco, was formed when being built the hydroelectric complex Cerros Colorados on the river Neuquén. On the coast it is the Nautical Club Los Barreales that offers the alternative of making use of the spa, camping site and the practice of nautical activities. In this property the municipality of Cutral Có has a housing with modern facilities that are used the whole year.

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