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What to do in El Bolson, Patagonia Argentina

Main Activities

The hill "Amigo" or "de la Cruz" from whose summit magnificent views of the city are obtained. This walk can be carried out to horse.
Villa Tourismo where most of the complexes of cabins are. It is a residential area where the residents have nurseries, they manufacture crafts and they produce sweet and raspberries.
Ski in the hill Perito Moreno: this hill is located 25 kilometers to the north of El Bolsón, it has 20 kilometers of hint (approx.)that allow the practice of the ski in three modalities: alpine, Nordic and of voyage. It has 4 elevation means with a capacity of transport of 1,500 persons/hour and a refuge with housing for 80 people with dining room.
Circuit of Mallín Ahogado: rural population's area that is devoted to the production of hop, cheeses, yogurt, sweet, fine fruits and crafts. You arrive leaving from El Bolsón toward the north by the route #258 and taking the deviation in the kilometer 4. From here you travel a snaky road that arrives to the bottom of the valley of the stream of the ‘Medio’ going before by the cascades La Escondida and Mallín.
To the valley of the river Azul:
located to the west of El Bolsón crossed by the river Azul that ends in the lake Puelo. In route to the valley there is a mirador that allows to see the hill Tres Picos with the lake Puelo to the bottom. The valley of the river Azul is the starting point for different trekking trips like for example: 1) to the hill ‘Lindo’ by a path among forests that it allows to arrive at a mountain refuge visiting lagoons and cascades among those that stands out the lagoon Tricolor at 2.000 meters high, of an incomparable beauty; 2) to the hill Hielo Azul: alternative for experts that it allows them to enjoy glaciers and to climb on icy walls.
To the hill Piltriquitrón:
Located 11 kilometers to the east of El Bolsón, 2,260 meters high. You arrive in car to the refuge where one can spend the night and to eat. To arrive to the summit it is necessary to make it on foot and the view that is obtained from it is really imposing, with the hill Tres Picos to the south and the Tronador to the north.

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