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Activities in El Chalten, Patagonia, Argentina.

What to do: EL CHALTEN
Laguna de los Tres: hike to the Mount Fitz Roy base

Duration: 4 hours
Available: All year round

Take the way from El Chaltén to camp Poincenot (4 hours), and then cross the Blanco river. From here the trail goes approximately 400 meters up to laguna de los Tres. The path ends on the older edge of the glacier moraine, with a wonderful view of the lagoon and glacier. This is the closest view of the granite wall of Mount Fitz Roy and the peaks nearby. You can continue walking along the lake’s shore and look at the emerald green waters of laguna Sucia and its hanging glaciers.

Laguna Torre

Duration: Half Day
Available: September to May
This hike goes along Fitz Roy river valley up to where it begins, Torre Lake, always within the boundaries of the National Park. There are two trails from the village, one at the bottom of the valley and the other to the north of the village, that become one after half an hour walk. During this hike, there are many panoramic points that give good views of Mt.Solo, the Adela chain and the most impressive Mt. Torre. As you walk, the glaciers Torre and Grande get into view. Just before arriving at the lake, in the middle of the woods, you arrive at the Padre De Agostini camp site. From there, after 500 mts. walking along the river, you reach Torre Lake and its great view: Torre glacier and the front side of Grande glacier, Adela chain, Mount Torre and Mocho, Mt. Egger, and Standhardt, Bífida and 4 dedos Peaks.

Lago del Desierto

Duration: Half Day
Available: All year round
Going up North, following the road that brought you to El Chaltén, you drive by the de las Vueltas river to this beautiful lake surrounded by woods and mountains, 37 kilometers far from the village.You will enjoy all the way, going through woods and brooks, big lagoons and small waterfalls. Always following the winding course of this river to the right of the road and, most of the time, discovering the north-east face of mount Fitz Roy to the left.A few meters before you reach the lake, you will find a private camping site. The lake, extended in direction N-S, lies between the Vespignani chain to the West and the Del Bosque chain to the East. From here it is possible to make many hikes, or just spend a day surrounded by a landscape of unique beauty.


This waterfall can be found 5 Km far from El Chaltén. It is approximately 15 mts. high and it is hidden inside the woods. It can be reached by car or walking along the road to Lago del Desierto, taking the detour to the left marked with a wooden sign. From there on, you continue walking along the path towards the waterfall.


The horses provide transport for camping gear and packs to the base camps and other sites, or you can do basically the same journeys as for the daily hiking trips to the lagoons ‘Capri’, ‘Torre’, ‘Toro’, ‘Lago del Desierto’, camps ‘Río Blanco’ and ‘Piedra del Fraile’. Another option is to take one the long horse rides (4/7 days) that are organized in the extraordinary patagonian estancias (ranchs).


In the mountain range of Santa Cruz's province they are, according to the opinion of professional mountaineers, some of the more difficult mountains of the world to be ascended: the mount Fitz Roy and the picks that surround it; the hills Torre, Egger and the needle Standhart.
The Fitz Roy mount, baptized by the first residents of these lands with the name of Chaltén (mountain that tosses smoke) due to a physical phenomenon taken place by the formation of clouds and the constant flying snow; this gives the sensation that a heap of smoke ascends by the granite needles that identify to the hill, confusing also to the science men like Francisco Moreno who aimed it in its maps like a volcano.
In 1952 Lionel Terray and Guido Magnone ascended the mount Fitz Roy for the first time and from then on, the village of El Chaltén is visited every year by thousands of mountaineers coming from all parts of the world with the same objective.

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