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What to do in Entre Lagos - Puyehue, Patagonia Chile

To Thermal baths Puyehue, Aguas Calientes and Antillanca: by the international highway toward Argentina, skirting the lake Puyehue, going by Puntilla Ñilque (forested peninsula with summer houses) and traveling 32 kilometers you arrives at the Great Hotel ‘Termas de Puyehue’, with swimming pools of thermal water (one indoor), bathrooms of sulfur and mud, and an excellent restaurant. From this hotel they are organized fishing trips and horse riding. 5 kilometers later on you arrive to the thermal complex Aguas Calientes on the river Chanleufú. It has pools and individual bathrooms with water that it arises of the earth to more than 70° C that obviously it is cooled until a bearable temperature for the human body. There are a hostel and cabins to rent. 20 more kilometers and already in one of the most beautiful areas in the National Park Puyehue, you arrives to the ski center Antillanca, at the base of the volcano Casablanca. Good hotel with all the services, wide and varied ski hints and in summer from there, they can be carried out fishing trips to the lakes Bull, Paradise and The Charm.
To the lake Rupanco: toward the south just 13 kilometers from Entrelagos, you arrive to the tourist center ‘Marina de Rupanco’. A couple of kilometers later on is the drainage of the lake in the river Rahue, it is the western end of a lengthened lake of 23,000 hectares that goes entering in the Andes and that in the other end almost arrives at the National Park Puyehue. In the nascent of the river Rahue boats can be rent to fish and even to descend by the river. From this point until The Island (to the east) and to the river Coihueco (to the south), extends the country property Rupanco, with more than 45,000 hectares and almost 40,000 heads of bovine livestock, being the biggest producer in domestic milk. The country property offers lodging in field houses, cavalcades and fishing slopes by the rivers. To half on the way toward the oriental end of the lake, you arrives to Piedras Negras, beach with hostel and 7 kilometers later on to Beach El Islote, also with hostel, restaurant and jetty for crafts. From this point toward the mountain range the lake is narrowed and the landscape transforms simply in spectacular. Inclusive one can see the imposing Jump of the Calzoncillo (280 meters) in 2 tracts in the front coast. Already in the end of the lake (bay Escocia), we meet with a fishing lodge that offers besides lodging, flyfishing trips and cavalcades. For the most fearless, there is a path toward the south for unexplored places, by where you can arrive at the lake Todos Los Santos.

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