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What to do in General Roca, Patagonia Argentina

Places to visit in the city

The "City of the Arts", the biggest cultural educational complex in the Patagonia. Their colossal facilities of 3267 square meters harbor to the Cultural Foundation Patagonia and to the Institute National Superior of Arts (INSA). The complex also has the Villa of the Arts, integrated by 42 housings dedicated to integral of artistic groups, educational of art that are hired outside of the region and students scholarship holders.
The newspaper ‘Río Negro’, been founded in 1912 by Don Fernando Rajneri. It is the most important newspaper and that of bigger circulation of the whole Patagonia. Also, in their facilities, a library receiver of United Nations works.
The Walk of ‘El Canalito’, a small group of squares beside the first channel of watering of the area that today passes for downtown.
The spas in the coast of the Negro river, to five kilometer of downtown, itinerary in which is the racing circuit of the Association of Steering wheels of General Roca.
To the wine cellars: among those that stands out that of Humberto Canale, the oldest and renowned in the Patagonia (established in 1913). This visit allows to travel vineyards and to know the process of elaboration of the wine.
Agriculture-tourism: in General Roca like in any city of the High Valley of Rio Negro and Neuquén, you can visit one another establishments dedicated to the production of fruits (chacras), in those that it is cultivated apples and pears mainly. It is also interesting to know the packing buildings, where it is classified and the fruit is baled for the different national markets and foreigners.

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