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What to do in Junín de los Andes, Patagonia Argentina

Main Activities

The Sanctuary and the Via Christi, two unique works because of the quality and exclusivity in their ornamentation that possess a very balanced cultural synchronization.
The Museum, with attractive collections of archaeological and anthropological elements of the original Mapuches cultures.
The walk and the fair of independent artisans that allows the tourist to take contact with local artisans and of the rural area, being able to acquire original and unique creations.
The Center of Applied Ecology of Neuquén, where one can observe the breeding of trouts and the experimental breeding of ‘llamas’.

FLY FISHING: this word is synonymous of Junín de los Andes. In the surroundings they are the rivers Aluminé, Malleo, Quilquihue and the spectacular Chimehuín that after to be born in the lake Huechulafquen and to go by the city of Junín de los Andes, it unites with the river Aluminé and they form the river Collón Cura. They are also the lakes Tromen, Huechulafquen, Curruhué Chico and Curruhué Grande. The species that can be obtained are: landlocked salmon (in some of the lakes), brown trout, rainbow trout, brook trout and Creole perch.
Ascent to the Volcano Lanín: with its 3,776 meters high, its conical form and its eternal snow of an immaculate whiteness, the Volcano Lanín is without a doubt one of the most beautiful mountains in the whole Patagonia. It is located 65 kilometers to the northwest of Junín de los Andes by the provincial routes #23 and #60, in the limit with the Republic of Chile, to the south of the lake Tromen and to the north of the lake Paimún. You can ascend by the north side whose hillside has two refuges to spend the night after the first stage and to make following up-to-date summit if the climate allows it. The experts can ascend by the south side (lake Paimún) that counts with a refuge to the 2,800 meters, but from there until the summit it is necessary to climb on ice. The Municipality of Junín de los Andes in collaboration with the Ejército Argentino (army), Gendarmería Nacional, Voluntary Firemen, National Park Lanín and the Police of the Neuquén province, organize a community ascent every year in the course of the month of December. It is a very interesting experience because of the solidary and fraternal atmosphere that is generated and that it is good to take conscience for the respect to the nature and the security in the mountain.
To the lake Tromen:
it is located 64 kilometers to the northwest of Junín de los Andes by the provincial routes #23 and #60, this last one is also the one that leads to the International Step Mamuil Malal toward the Republic of Chile. The lake Tromen is to the north of the volcano Lanín and it has, besides good fishing, beaches of volcanic sand and five arms. In the oriental end of one of them the beautiful river Malleo is born, flowing of the river Aluminé.
To the lakes Huechulafquen and Paimún:
to the oriental end of the lake Huechulafquen you arrives by the provincial route #61 skirting the river Chimehuín after having traveled 22 kilometers in northwest direction. Exactly there is located one of the entrances to the National Park Lanín and the river Chimehuín is born. The place is known as “La Boca del Chimehuín” and it has international fame among the fanatics of the fly fishing. The road continues skirting the north coast of the lake Huechulafquen, where you can go appreciating the gradual change of the landscape, of the pre-mountain range toward the forested area of the Andes with the permanent and majestic presence of the volcano Lanín. During the itinerary they can be found several places to camp freely until arriving to Puerto Canoe that offers good infrastructure like jetty, camping site areas with beaches, restaurant and house of tea in a paradisiac place. Later on the road arrives to La Unión, a narrowness that unites the lake Huechulafquen with the Paimún; there is a good hostel and very close a position of Gendarmería Nacional. The road finishes few kilometers later on on a bay with beach of volcanic sand, where it is located a camping area called ‘Piedra Mala’ to the feet of the volcano Lanín.
To the thermal baths of Epulafquen: you arrive by the provincial route #62 after skirting the lakes Curruhué Chico and Curruhué Grande and the lagoon Verde. This route also leads to the Republic of Chile through the International Step Carirriñe. In a surface of just 5 hectares 22 hydro-thermal sources have been verified, where the government of the Neuquén province has elaborated a plan of tourist development to improve the existent infrastructure that allows to enjoy the thermal baths without altering the environment.

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