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What to do in Lago Puelo, Patagonia Argentina

Main Activities

MOUNTAINEERING: several places exist in the region where it can be carried out this activity according to the different grades of difficulty.
Hill ‘Roca del Tiempo’: it is 1,960 meters high located in the cord Nevado in the limit of the provinces of Río Negro and Chubut.
Hill ‘Tres Picos’: that with its 2,495 meters it is the highest in the area. It is located to the south of the lake Puelo and you consent to him by the valley of the river Turbio.
The botanical walk. To visit this walk will allow the tourist to know diverse species of the rich flora of the mountain range, some uniques in the whole Argentina due to the moderated microclimate that they enjoy some valleys of the National Park Lago Puelo that are to only 200 meters on the level of the sea.
To the valley of ‘El Hoyo’: located to the southeast of Lago Puelo. With a very benign climate due to it low height (225 meters over the level of the sea), protected of the winds by the mountains that surround it, this valley is the most productive in the whole district of the parallel 42. There fine fruits, vegetables and grasses are cultivated that serve as main matter for the production of a varied range of products, some of international prestige. In the month of January it is carried out the National Party of the Fine Fruit where the producers tempt the tourists with infinity of delights.

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