Las Grutas and San Antonio Oeste - Activities and excursions

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What to do in Las Grutas and San Antonio Oeste, Patagonia Argentina

Main Activities

DIVING: the warm waters of ‘Las Grutas’ present very good possibilities for the practice of submarine activities due to the transparency of its waters and to the variety of the submarine flora and fauna.
To the port of San Antonio Este: located to San Antonio Oeste’s southeast, this natural port of deep waters began to operate in 1983, having its biggest activity in the first semester of every year. From there it is exported great part of the production of the High Valley of Río Negro and Neuquén.
To the salines of the Gualicho: natural depression located 30 kilometers to San Antonio Oeste’s north by the provincial route #2. These salines are 73 meters under the level of the sea, they possess a temporary layer of almost pure salt that reproduces annually of about 5 centimeters of thickness and it is harvested in summer for human consumption.
To ‘Las Coloradas’:
granitic blooming on the coast located to 3 kilometers to the south of Las Grutas. They are rocky formations very peculiar of reddish tint in a place of very extended beaches.
To ‘El Buque’:
located 8 kilometers to the south of Las Grutas. It is a rocky formation that appears when the tide goes down and it form likens to a ship.

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