Lican Ray and Panguipulli - Activities and excursions

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What to do in Lican Ray and Panguipulli, Patagonia Chile

Places to visit in Lican Ray

Both Coastal. The Cacique Manquel toward the east, with their jetties of yachts and boats. And The Coastal Cacique Puñulef toward the west. With the beautiful Playa Grande, hotels, restaurants and coffees.

Places to visit in Panguipulli

The church ‘Iglesia Capuchina’. Built by the Swiss priest Bernabé de Lucerna in 1947. This missionary, inspired by models of his origin country, carried out a magnificent work that deserves a visit.
Trips from Lican Ray or Panguipulli
In spite of being located on the margins of two different lakes, Lican Ray on the lake Calafquén and Panguipulli on the lake Panguipulli, the circuits by lakes and thermal baths of this volcanic area are practically the same ones, having as only difference the starting point, reason why we recommend to appeal to the map of the region to make a better sense of the location.
Closed circuit: that gives the complete turn to the Mountains of Quinchilaca, Lungolco and Pailahuinto, visiting the whole north coast of the lake Panguipulli, the east coast of the lake Neltume, the lake Palleifa, the lake Calafquén and the small lake Pullinque. If you leave from Lican Ray you will travel the whole northeastern coast of the lake Calafquén until arriving to Coñaripe. Starting from there taking anyone of the two directions (east or west), you can make the aforementioned circuit returning to the starting point. If you take toward the east, passing the lake Pellaifa will arrive to the Thermal baths of Coñaripe, a thermal complex that continues being developed day by day. It has several thermal pools (one roofed), bathrooms of mud, sauna, thermal hydro-massage, hotel services, cabins, restaurants, tennis courts, fishing trips, horse riding and biking. Some more kilometers to the south will arrive to the Thermal baths of Río Liñique and Thermal baths of Liñique, both with certain hotel infrastructure and of tourist services. Returning 9 kilometers by the same road will be able to continue toward the south, to skirt the lake Neltume and to arrive to Chosuenco, to the north of the beautiful volcano Chosuenco. From there taking the route to the northeast and skirting the lake Panguipulli you can arrive to the city of Panguipulli in the northwest end of the lake.

Another very interesting trip from Chosuenco
is to take the road toward the east, to the lake Pirihueico. On the road you will go by the impressing Jump of the Huilo Huilo made by the river ‘Fuy’ that runs encased among rocks and suddenly falls on a throat of rocks covered with forest. Few kilometers ahead is located Puerto Fuy in the western end of the lake Pirihueico. Embarked from there you can go to the other end of the lake, Puerto Pirihueico, and of there by car to enter Argentina through the International Step Hua Hum, heading for San Martin de los Andes.
From Panguipulli to the Lake Riñihue:
leave Panguipulli toward the southwest, to the city Los Lagos. After 10 kilometers we recommend to make a small deviation toward the left to go to the drainage of the Lake Riñihue, where the river San Pedro is born. The cabins ‘Vista Hermosa’ and the Hostel Riñimapu are in that sector, very visited by fishermen. Return to the paved road and continue in route to Los Lagos. 22 kilometers ahead you’ll arrive to the Bridge San Pedro (very high). Few meters from the bridge is the union of the river San Pedro with the river Malihue that together form the river ‘Calle Calle’, which ends in the Pacific Ocean going by Valdivia. 17 kilometers ahead you will stray to the left and 30 kilometers later on you arrive to Riñihue, the first lacustrine port to which the railroad arrived in 1910. From there a road that skirts the south margin of the lake comes out taking you to the Hostel Huinca Quiñay (4 stars) and to the oriental end of the lake where the ‘Enco’ river ends.

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