Lonquimay and Curacautin - Activities and excursions

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What to do in Lonquimay and Curacautin, Patagonia Chile

Trips from Lonquimay

Toward the south: heading for the International Pass Icalma, visiting Pehuenches communities, by a road that runs to the east of the volcanos. Approximately 30 kilometers from Lonquimay you will find the lagoon Gualletué, with beaches and places where they rent boats and horses. In this lagoon the famous river Biobío is born. About 10 kilometers later on, in the middle of Mapuche territory, you will arrive at the lagoon Icalma, practically in the limit with Argentina. It is also the village of Icalma with their border position, where it can get some cabin and provisions. Starting from there the road takes to the west until arriving to Melipeuco (104 kilometers from Lonquimay), where you will find good cabins, housings and restaurants. From Melipeuco, there are 3 options: 1) to Return to Lonquimay same way back. 2) to follow the same road toward the west arriving to Cunco (32 kilometers) and from there, by asphalted road until Temuco (60 kilometers). 3) the best one: to take the route to the north toward Curacautín skirting the river Quetroleufú, by the National Park Conguillío that will allow you to visit the jump of Truful Truful, the ‘Verde’ lagoon and the lake Conguillío, with the permanent custody of the volcano Llaima to your left.
Trips from Curacautín
To the National Park Tolhuaca and their thermal baths: 40 kilometers. Leave from Curacautín toward the north, the road will go closing by forests of araucarias, oaks and coihues; after passing the nascent of the river Dillo, you will arrive to the Thermal baths of Tolhuaca that are 1,000 meters over the sea level. They are open the whole year, they have thermal pools, individual bathrooms, hotel and restaurant. 8 kilometers later on you arrive at National Park Tolhuaca. It is recommended to continue inside the park by the road that follows the river Malleco to be able to see the jumps of the Malleco and La Culebra, both of 50 meters. In the lagoon Malleco the fishing is very good.
To the National Park Conguillío: 28 kilometers to the south of Curacautín by a road that skirts the river Captrén you arrive at the National Park. You will see a lava scum place with the beautiful volcano Llaima to the right and some kilometers ahead, inside the forest, will already find a control hut, very near the lagoon Captrén. Immediately later is the lake Conguillío, where you will find cabins, provisions and boats to rent.
In route to Lonquimay:
paved International Route, until the International Pass Pino Hachado toward the Republic Argentina. Leaving Curacautín 14 kilometers, on the river Cautín, you will find the spectacular Jump of the ‘Indio’ and 4 kilometers later on you will arrive to the Thermal baths of Manzanar, also beside the river. It is a sector of the highway with some villages, hostels and the hotel of the thermal baths that it is open the whole year. In the kilometer 30 is located the town Malalcahuello, where you can stray toward the north to the National Reservations of Nalcas and Malalcahuello, both at the base of the volcano Lonquimay.

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