Los Angeles and the Laja waterfall - Activities and excursions

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What to do in Los Angeles and the Laja waterfall, Patagonia Chile

Places to visit in the city

The Museum of the ‘Alta Frontera’ is in front of the square where testimonies of Bernardo O'Higgins, textile pehuenches, Araucanian silver crafts and antique weapons can be appreciated.
The street Columbus (the most commercial) with its fair.
The Perpetuo Socorro's church with its three ships and a colonial cloister of principles of the XIX century.
To the National Park ‘Laguna del Laja’: 97 kilometers toward the frontier with Argentina near the step Pichachén. In that journey you will go by Antuco, a town of almost 3000 inhabitants at the base of the hill Mirador and by the Hydroelectric Complex of the Laja that feeds the great industry of the VIII Region of Chile. After traveling some more kilometers you will enter to the National Park of 12,000 hectares. It is worthwhile to dedicate this place at least one day, to be able to appreciate the Lagoon of the Laja (13,000 hectares and 1.700 meters of altitude) and the road that skirts it for 20 kilometers approx. to travel until arriving to Los Barros, a place from where the hanging snowdrifts of the Volcano Antuco and the Velluda mountain are appreciated.
To the high of the Biobío:
going by Santa Bárbara, 5.500 inhabitants' town; in the kilometer 94 will arrive to Ralco, a small village from where you have 2 options: 1) by the valley of the Queuco visiting the community pehuenche of Pitril, from where you can opt for a series of aided horse trips to unique places as the area of araucarias or the Mirador from where you can see the volcanos Callaqui, Copahue and the Velluda mountain. 2) by the valley of the Biobío, visiting the Hydroelectric Power station Pangue. It is possible to see the cliffs of the drafty Biobío, of world fame among the lovers of the rafting, and at the end of the road you arrives to the National Reservation Ralco on the hillside of the volcano Callaqui. There there are three paths to be traveled by foot in itineraries that last from 5 to 8 hours that allow you to see rivers, jumps of water, virgin araucarias forests and native flora and fauna.
by the Pan-American highway 25 kilometers to the north of Los Angeles, you will meet with the impressive Jump of the river Laja. The river forms kind of an arch on a deep rocky canyon, where the waters fall, in a startling natural show. There are very good hotels on both riverbanks of the river, with a spectacular view of the waterfall.

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