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What to do in Neuquen, Patagonia Argentina

Main Activities

Central Park and Cultural Complex: in the avenue Olascoaga and the roads of the railroad is the Monument to the Mother Mapuche. In this area it exists a cultural complex that occupies old buildings of the rail station, construction of English colonial architecture that dates of the year 1902. The platform is the axis of a walk that agglutinates the theater room Alicia Fernández Rego, the room of Arts and Choirs of the Platform and the room of Art Emilio Saraco. Skirting the road to one and another side of the avenue Olascoaga expands the Central Park of the city. 400 meters toward the west, where the old building of machines of the ‘Ferrocarril Sud’ worked (built in 1901 and called later ‘General Roca’), is the Municipal Historical Museum Dr. Gregorio Alvarez.
Square of the Flags, Balcony of the Valley and Paleontological Museum: by the avenue Argentina toward the north you arrive at the Square of the Flags. It is located in the highest part of the hills that separate the city from the river Neuquén. 500 meters toward the east of this square is the Balcony of the Valley, from where a panoramic view is obtained on the fork of the rivers Limay and Neuquén, the diagramming of the fields of the region and the neighboring city Cipolletti to the other side of the river Neuquén. On the avenue Argentina, to some meters of the Square of the Flags is the ‘Universidad Nacional del Comahue’. In its property are the Central Library and the Natural, Anthropological and Paleontological Museum of Sciences that it possesses many of the last discoveries of fossils of the area. From the Square of the Flags you can get to the coast of the river Limay, lowering by the Avenue Argentina and then by the Avenue Olascoaga toward the south. Or, until the coast of the river Neuquén, lowering by an asphalted road toward the north.
The coast of the river Limay: traveling the Avenues Argentina and Olascoaga in address to the south, you arrive at the spa Río Grande on the river Limay. Starting from there you can traffic for a street that goes by several sport clubs seated on the coast of an arm of the river. Continuing in that address you arrive at the Municipal Spa that possesses an organized camping site, grills and restaurants.
To Centenario and Dike Ingeniero Ballester: from Neuquén toward the north by the provincial route #7, going by numerous neighborhoods and the Industrial Park, after traveling 15 kilometers you arrive to the city of Centenario. As almost all the towns of the valley, it centers their economic activity in the intensive cultivation of fruits (apples and pears). In their surroundings they exist a score of establishments related with that activity (packing buildings and refrigerators) that can be visited during the whole year. Following 10 kilometers by the route 7 is the dike Ingeniero Ballester 390 meters long, built between 1.912 and 1.916. This dike, besides regulating the grown of the river Neuquén, is head of watering of the High Valley of Río Negro with a main channel 130 kilometers long that is born to its side that supplemented with a vast net of secondary and tertiary channels, it waters more than 60,000 hectares. When crossing the bridge on the dike, it is entered to the province of Río Negro and from there one can return to Neuquén for the route #151 going by the cities of Cinco Saltos and Cipolletti, until crossing the river Neuquén again by the bridge on the national route #22.
To Plottier and Arroyito: from Neuquén toward the west by the national route #22, to 6 kilometers is the international airport of Neuquén, the most important in the region, in whose suburbs are the Casino Magic, an important room of games that also offers permanently musical shows of first level. After 10 kilometers you consent to the left to a fish hatcherie station that is devoted to the trout production, by means of the one it spawns artificial, incubation and breedings for the sow. 5 kilometers ahead you arrive to the city of Plottier, after having gone by some packing buildings and dedicated establishments to the elaboration of concentrated juices. The main activity of the city is the fruit-horticultural production, prevailing the cultivation of pears and apples. On the coast of the river Limay, is the recreational center Nepen Hue, a spa with all the services and camping site organized in a beautiful very tree-lined place. 35 kilometers later on is the prey Arroyito, built 25 kilometers downstream from El Chocón, as dike compensator and energy generator. It has a very welcoming and organized place to camp, where there is very good fishing. In the suburbs is the Arroyito Country Club, the first golf course built in the whole region.

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