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What to do in Perito Moreno - Los Antiguos, Patagonia Argentina

Places to visit in Los Antiguos

The Cruz's Mirador and Jeinemeni, with very good panoramic views of the valley and the lake Buenos Aires.
The Municipal Reservation in a beautiful eddy of the lake Buenos Aires whose objective is to protect swans of black neck, flamingos, blue, ducks, gulls and bustards that cohabit in the area.

Trips from Perito Moreno

To ‘Cueva de las Manos’ (cave of the hands): toward the south of Perito Moreno by the national route #40 until the town ‘Bajo Caracoles’. From there to the northeast by the provincial route #97 there are 47 kilometers until the place where they are the caverns in the high ravine of the river ‘Pinturas’. In fact they are four caves or eaves: ‘Cueva Chica’, ‘Cueva de las Manos’, ‘Alero Charcamata’ and ‘Cueva Grande’. Discovered in 1941 by the priest and Italian browser Alberto Agostini. In total, the archaeologists have counted more than 800 impressions, almost all corresponding to left hands. There are also figures of gumps and other animals. The occupants of these caves were hunters and nomadic collectors of about 10.000 years ago.
Perito Moreno is considered the "Archaeological Capital" of Santa Cruz's province, since besides the cave of the hands, in their surroundings they are: the caves with indigenous paintings of the ‘Estancia San Carlos’, the painted Stone of Molina's field, the indigenous grotto of the stream Page and the Big Cave of Altamira.
Trips from Los Antiguos
To the stream ‘Las Chilcas’: in whose proximities is an indigenous cemetery.
To the river Jeinemeni: by the road that skirts it near the limit with Chile and that allows you to observe their fantastic canyons.
To Chile Chico: distant 8 kilometers toward the west, already in the Republic of Chile. From there you can travel the south coast of the lake General Career (such it is the name of the lake Buenos Aires of the Chilean side).

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