Piedra Buena and Puerto Santa Cruz - Activities and excursions

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What to do in Piedra Buena and Puerto Santa Cruz, Patagonia Argentina

Main Activities

FLY FISHING: the river Santa Cruz offers to those fond of the fly fishing a unique attractiveness in the Patagonia: the migratory rainbow trout, well-known internationally as 'Steelhead'. They are very appreciated because of the difficulty of their capture, the fight that toasts in proportion to their weight, and their good size. Year after year the quantity of visitors that practice this sport goes growing, attracting fanatics from all over the world. It is recommended to consult with the local guides of Piedra Buena for better results.
Places to visit in Piedra Buena
The island Pavón, in which the Commandant Luis Piedra Buena hoisted in 1862 the first Argentinean flag in the Patagonia. It exists in the island a faithful reconstruction of the house that inhabited Luis Piedra Buena from 1859, where today a museum works. 
To ‘Punta Quilla’: near the outlet of the river Santa Cruz in the sea, where a colony of penguins of Magellan exists.
To the island ‘Monte León’: to the south of Punta Quilla, where marine wolves, Magellan penguins and a diverse variety of marine birds cohabit.

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