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What to do in Pucon, Patagonia Chile

Places to visit in the city

Playa Grande. The most visited, in front of the Great Hotel Pucón, with more than 3 kilometers of extension of fine volcanic sand. Ideal place for the practice of all the nautical activities.
The Hotel del Lago Resort & Casino. With a series of services open to all public: restaurant, cinema, pools and the organization of activities like adventures and sports like tennis, golf and fishing.
Rafting the river Trancura: the rafts cross 8 rapids and travel 14 kilometers in just half an hour.
Biking: there are 2 trips to carry out in mountain bike that lasts less than five hours each: 1) by the bank of the river Trancura and 2) to the Eyes of the Caburgua (pools from where it leaves the water).
To Thermal baths of Quimey-Có, Huife and Los Pozones: leave Pucón toward the east by the road that goes to the lake Caburgua, in the kilometer 14 take the deviation to the right. In the kilometer 20 you will meet with a plants nursery and base refuge of Cañi where native trees are cultivated for its reforestation. In the kilometer 25 there is a crossing with a small chapel: if you take to the left you’ll arrive at the lake Caburgua and continuing 4 kilometers ahead you will get to the thermal baths of Quimey-Có. There there is hostel, restaurant, thermal pools that are provided of a slope of almost 70° C., everything in a beautiful place beside the river Liucura. 4 kilometers ahead will be in the Thermal Tourist Center, Thermal baths of Huife. It possesses 3 open pools with different temperatures, rooms at the bank of the river with incorporate thermal pools that will allow the client to alternate hot bathrooms with the cold waters of the river Liucura. The complex also has a restaurant with international cooking. Following 2 more kilometers you will find the Thermal baths Los Pozones that as it name says, they are rustic pools of thermal water next to the river.
To Curarrehue, Puesco and International Pass Mamuil Malal: Leave from Pucón toward the east by the international road; in the kilometer 36 is located Curarrehue, a municipality of 1,400 inhabitants that attends the residents of the valleys of the region, typical mountain range town with a very beautiful church. From there the road takes orientation to the south following the bed of the river Trancura, it goes by the cabins ‘Alto Trancura’ and in the kilometer 59 arrives to the Border Complex Puesco. It is one of the accesses to the National Park Villarrica that will allow the tourist to visit a series of beautiful places walking, according to the path that he/she chooses. In the kilometer 68 will arrive at the lake Quilleihue, surrounded of araucaria forests, raulíes and ñires. In the kilometer 70 the majestic volcano Lanín appears with its 3,776 meters high and eternal snow. 6 kilometers later on will arrive to the frontier with the Republic Argentina and through the International Pass Mamuil Malal, will be able to enter the cities Junín de los Andes and San Martin de los Andes.
To the sector Quetrupillán: the most beautiful in the National Park Villarrica. Leave Pucón toward the east by the international road. In the 20 kilometer take the deviation to the right toward Palguín, 7 kilometers ahead will find the Jump Palguín, imposing show of a fall of water that causes clouds of water vapor, falling in a deep canyon surrounded by forests. Next you will be able to appreciate 3 jumps of water: Jump La China, Jump El León and Jump Turbina; each one of them of different characteristic but all worthy ones of being appreciated. In the kilometer 30 you’ll get to Thermal baths of Palguín, surrounded of a pretty park that has several rooms, bathrooms and pools. 7 kilometers later on you are entered to the Sector Quetrupillán of the National Park Villarrica. In the kilometer 47 is located the park guard house from where you goes up to the glacier Fabiana Llancahue, area of forests of araucarias, raulíes and giant coihues. From this point and driving with caution because of the state of the road, you arrive to Coñaripe, in the oriental end of the lake Calafquén.
To the lake Caburgua and National Park Huerquehue: Leave from Pucón toward the east by the international road. In the kilometer 9 take the deviation to the left toward the lake Caburgua, to which will arrive in the kilometer 25. It has more temperate waters than the other lakes due to the arising thermal waters in its bottom. In the south end of the lake is located Playa Negra and 3 kilometers ahead by the west coast is located Playa Blanca. Among the two there is a path that you can walk and the whole area has hostels, cabins, restaurants, camping site, tennis court, rent of boats, etc. 5 kilometers before arriving at the lake Caburgua you can take the deviation to the right toward Paillaco, road with beautiful view of the lake Caburgua from the height and toward the volcanos. In the kilometer 31 you’ll find the lake Tinquilco and 2 kilometers ahead by the east coast of the lake you will get to the National Park Huerquehue. In the administration they will advise you on the walks to do in the area.
To the Volcano Villarrica and Ski Center: leave from Pucón by the route to the south going by an area with hotels and summer houses. The road will begin to ascend and after 9 kilometers it will take you to the entrance of the National Park Villarrica by the Sector Rucapillán. It will go up 8 more kilometers (by the road on the right) and you’ll be at the base of the Ski Center. It has 9 elevation means, among double tele-seat, double tele-ski and single tele-ski that drive to good hints, from half-filled of July until the middle of September. In summer it is advisable the trip in tele-seat, from where one can have a spectacular panorama and to see five lakes.
Ascent to the crater of the Volcano Villarrica: in a clear day. Leaving from the refuge of the ski center it takes about five hours approximately to get to the crater. The crater is round, with very deep steep walls. There are fumaroles that discharge sulfurous vapor and noises under the earth that cause certain impression.

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