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What to do in Puerto Aisen - Puerto Cisnes, Patagonia Chile

Trips from Puerto Aisén

To the National Park ‘Laguna San Rafael’ via marine: there are two alternatives to carry out this trip. The most economic is coming to an agreement with the owners of those “schooners” that supply the residents of the islands that leave from Puerto Palos or Puerto Aguas Muertas, in Aisén. And the most expensive in ships that have different categories of passengers, some with deluxe equipment that leave from Puerto Chacabuco, 14 kilometers away of Puerto Aisén. In short it depends on the capacity of the pocket of each one but the final objective is the same one: “to be able to contemplate southern landscapes that besides being only in the planet, they are of an indescribable beauty.” The trips come out by the fiord Aisén and they travel channels, bays, estuaries, surrounded by forested hills. They also stop in some thermal baths. Until when arriving to the south end of the channel Moraleda they overcome the river Témpanos and they enter in the Lagoon San Rafael. In this there are floating floes and the spectacular Snowdrift San Rafael that is part of the Field of Ice San Valentine. During the journey among pieces of ice in front of the snowdrift you will be able to see detachments that will make you shiver.
Trips from Puerto Cisnes
Until La Junta by the National Park Queulat: leave from Puerto Cisnes toward the east skirting the river Cisnes. In the kilometer 35 there is a crossing; to the right the road takes to Puerto Aisén or Coyhaique. Take the one on the way to the left and in that moment you will enter to the National Park Queulat. From the aforementioned crossing there are 59 kilometers until Puerto Puyuhuapi by an unforgettable road. 8 kilometers after the crossing you will go by the bridge over the river Cisnes and later on you will be able to see toward the sea the valley of the river Cisnes, surrounded of hills covered with glaciers. To the 76 kilometers from the starting point you will go by the Portezuelo Queulat, the highest point in the road and it will begin to lower by the famous Hill Queulat, from where you can see the Jump Padre García (30 meters) and the big wall of Glaciers. You will travel 9 kilometers in slope seeing astonishing landscapes. Then the road comes closer to the sea and 18 kilometers later on you will find a deviation of almost 3 kilometers from where you can see a solid of snowdrifts, among which it stands out the ‘Ventisquero Colgante’ (hanging snowdrift). Return to the main road. 13 kilometers before arriving to Puerto Puyuhuapi, in the coast of the breast Ventisquero, you will find a pier to cross in just 10 minutes to the other bank and to visit the fabulous Thermal baths of Puyuhuapi Hotel & Spa. Located in the beautiful Bay Dorita of the breast Ventisquero with pools at the sea level, hydro-massage with seawater, first class rooms, restaurant, roofed pool, trips and the possibility to visit the Lagoon San Rafael in the day, on board of the catamaran Patagonia Express. A complex of first level located in a fantastic place. We continue traveling 13 kilometers and we arrive to Puerto Puyuhuapi in the north end of the breast Ventisquero. There we recommend to visit the factory of carpets that has been founded by an immigrant in 1945 and that today it still continues maintaining a handmade quality. Leaving Puerto Puyuhuapi and after 5 kilometers the road skirts the lake Risopatrón during 12 kilometers, until arriving to the drainage of the river Risopatrón in the lake. Just there amid the forest, they are the Cabins El Pangue, very well installed and from where they are organized a series of fishing trips and to horse. 28 more kilometers and you will have arrived to La Junta, 1,000 inhabitants' town with all the tourist services. From La Junta you can go to Lago Verde in the limit with Argentina or to descend by the River Palena until the Port Raúl Marín Balmaceda in the coast of the interior sea.

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