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What to do in Puerto Deseado, Patagonia Argentina

Main Activities

SHARK FISHING: the fanatics come from different places of the country and of the world to practice this exciting activity and they choose two places to make it: Caleta Zar in the bay Uruguay to 26 kilometers from Puerto Deseado or Caleta Tiburón to 37 kilometers from the city in front of the island of the wolves.
Places to visit in the city
The Regional Museum ‘Padre Beauvoir’ in the school San José, with important samples of the patagonic archaeology.
The Patagonic Museum in the station of the old ‘Ferrocarril Patagónico’ built in 1909. It is dedicated to the report of the local history.
The Provincial Natural Reservation ‘Ría Deseado’ that it embraces 10,000 hectares on the whole creek, with a variety of surprising terrestrial and marine fauna.
To the Natural Monument ‘Bosque Petrificado’: located 150 kilometers to the west of Puerto Deseado. To consent to this place it is necessary to go to the northwest by the national route #281, then to the south by the route #3 and lastly to the Southwest by the provincial route #93 until the stall of the park guard. Created in 1954, it is located in the depression ‘Bajo del Guanaco’ where the hills ‘Cuadrado’, ‘Madre’ and ‘Hija’ 400 meters high hills are. The forest that gave him origin dates of 150.000.000 of years and the petrified remains correspond in its majority to araucarias and other coniferous ones. Some of their trunks reach 30 meters long and 3 diameter meters being the biggest in the world.
To the Intangible Natural Reservation ‘Cabo Blanco’: located 90 kilometers to the north of the city. It embraces the area from bay ‘Tres Puntas’ to the lighthouse ‘Cabo Blanco’. Their objective is to protect the most important colony in the Atlantic coast of marine wolves of two hair or southern marine bears. They were the mammals more pursued in the XVIII and XIX centuries because of the great value of their skins. They are of the family of the sea lions and they have the particularity of establishing their colonies on rocky promontories and cornices of cliffs.

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