Puerto Madryn - Argentina

Activities in Puerto Madryn, Patagonia Argentina.

What to do: Puerto Madryn
Excursion to Peninsula Valdes

Duration: Full Day
Available: All year round

Departure from Hotel in the morning for an excursion to Valdés Peninsula. Entrance to it by Itsmo Ameghino and stop in the Interpretation centre. Excursion goes on to Pirámides Port, where navigation in small boats can be made to see Whale specimens between June and December, or elephant seals or even Dolphins during the rest of the year (optional.) Later, we will leave for Caleta Valdés where we will have lunch (optional) and we will see sea elephants. After lunch, we will go to the southern portion of the Peninsula, known as Punta Delgada to see the elephant seals. On our way back, we will go past the Salinas and we will have the chance to observe the terrestrial fauna, and in case we fail to sail in the morning for bad weather, we will go past Pirámides Port for sighting. Arrival late in the afternoon in Puerto Madryn. Within October and March an extension to North End of the Peninsula can be made. There is a private Penguin colony there, smaller, but more personalised than Punta Tombo (a good option for that passenger who has little time available). More...

Excursion to Punta Tombo penguin colony

Duration: Full Day
Available: September to April
Departure from hotel in the morning for an excursion to Punta Tombo Penguin colony. After a 200 km drive, we will get into this natural reserve to walk near the nests of such a nice species. A big group of penguins in the beach will be observed from a cliff. In the afternoon we will arrive in Trelew City where we will make a short city tour to historical and important places of this fully commercial town. Stop at the Paleontologic Museum and visit (optional). Then, we will go to Gaiman Colony, where the exquisite Welsh tea can be tasted (optional). Arrival in Puerto Madryn late in the afternoon. More...

Excursion to Punta Loma

Duration: Half Day
All year round
Departing from Puerto Madryn southwards, and skirting the coast, we will pass different beaches. The first of them is Kaiser Beach, which ends in a big dune where sandboard is practised. After touring other beaches we will reach Paraná Beach where the top of sunken Folias Ship will be appreciated. It is ideal for snorkelling or diving. After 20 km we will arrive at Punta Loma where we will watch an elephant seal colony from a watchtower.
Excursion to El Doradillo beach

Duration: Half Day
Available: Julio to November
This beach is 20 km away from Puerto Madryn. Every year, mother whales and their breeding get here looking for peaceful waters and because of the coast slope,
they can stay at 20 or 30 metres from them. Thus, we can watch them from land. It works the same way than June to November sighting.

Excursion to the low valley

Duration: Half Day
All year round
It is a half-day excursion, usually departing after 2.30 p.m. Locations from the Low Valley of Chubut River are visited, starting from Rawson. Afterwards, the excursion goes on to Rawson Port, where fishing ships arriving at the pier can be seen. At this spot, Rio Chubut’s aters meet the sea. Unión Beach follows. Later, Trelew is passed and at 15 km eastwards from it stands Gaiman, a typically Welsh colony where, apart from appreciating its culture and landscape it is possible to taste Welsh tea (tea served with a variety of cakes and tarts as well as scones and home-made bread). Return to Puerto Madryn at approximately 7 p.m.

Puerto Madryn is considered the capital of the Argentinean diving; it is practiced the whole year and they favor it the transparency of their waters and the varied and abundant marine fauna. There are several traditional places for the practice of this sport in the proximities of the city:


Punta Cuevas: you consent from the beach in the place where it is the monument to the Indian Tehuelche. The ‘restingas’ (bars) begins to about 300 meters of the coast where they can be observed mere, octopi, Turks and sea stars.

Playa Paraná: located beside Punta Etse. To 300 meters of the coast they are the remains of the ship Folías and in its suburbs they can be seen mere, Turks, old of sea and sea stars.

Río de Oro: to 800 meters of the coast of the city there is a sunken ship of 30 length meters, of which are distinguished the prow and the stern perfectly. That is to fifteen meters deep and it is possible to sight mere, Turks, salmon and ‘cholgas’.

• The coastal avenue. From the old jetty (built in 1910) to the north, to the beautiful beaches of the south.

• The Museum of Natural Sciences and of the Ocean. With impressive collections of minerals, flora and fauna marine and terrestrial.

• The monument to the Indian Tehuelche. It was Inaugurated for the centennial of the Welsh colonists. From this place one of the best views in the city and of the Golfo Nuevo is obtained, to the south of the peninsula Valdés.

• The jetty Admiral Storni that is introduced 1,500 meters in the sea. It is in the area of the Industrial Park where they can also visit one another the plants of fish prosecution and the factory of aluminum Aluar.

• The National Patagonic Center and the Natural Patagonic Foundation. That with important investigation works and conservation they have achieved a notable advance in the protection of the regional fauna and flora.

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