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Activities in Puerto Montt, Chile.

What to do: PUERTO MONTT
Calbuco by the coast:  
Leave from Puerto Montt toward the west by the coastal; after 13 kilometers in a clear day you will be able to see from there the volcanos Osorno, Calbuco, Puntiagudo, Yates and the hill Tronador. 2 kilometers ahead take the rubble deviation toward the village Huelmo, located in the kilometer 34. Starting from there the road skirts the sea from the high and after 10 kilometers it will arrive to San Agustín. Then you will travel 18 kilometers far from the coast and then to skirt the sea from Huito to Calbuco. Is a 9,000 inhabitants' city located on a hill with ports to the north and the south. It is 250 years old more than Puerto Montt and during a lot of time it was the most important town in the region. There the larch and cypress wood extracted in the mountain range was taken that then was exported from Ancud in the Chiloé island.


• The Municipal Museum Juan Pablo II. It takes the Pope's name since he visited Puerto Montt in 1987 and the following year the museum was inaugurated. It possesses a variety of objects of different nature: old pictures of the city, pieces mapuches and chilotas, a section of weapons and sailing very interesting, mythological beings' figures carved in wood, etc.
• The square and the Cathedral, the oldest building in the city, reconstructed in 1963 after the earthquake of 1960.
• The Jesuit Church, built in 1872 and reconditioned after the earthquake of 1960. The Steeple is behind the church, surrounded by forests.
• Puerto de Angelmó. From where they leave the ferries and ships to Puerto Natales, lagoon San Rafael, Aisén, Thermal baths of Puyuhuapi, etc. and they also leave boats, schooners and some sailing ships toward the islands of the Breast of Reloncaví and to the archipelago of Chiloé.
• Market of fish and shellfish. It is beside the port. It is an immense building with local where products of the sea are sold and of the vegetable gardens. It is the most selection of Chile. On the coast of the channel Tenglo are the cooking places where you can savor some marine delights or a typical plate as the “curanto”.
• Handmade fair. It is in the coastal near the port. It is more commercial than handmade, since it is managed by merchants that resell the products of the artisans of Chiloé and of the breast of Reloncaví. But like the popular statement says, “the one that looks for, finds”, therefore it is not surprised if someone finds some autochthonous craft of a lot of value.
• Spa Pelluco. It is in the oriental end of the city. The beaches are surrounded by hotels, cabins, restaurants and discos. The beginning of the famous Southern highway is in Pelluco.

Lleave from Puerto Montt toward the east, pass by Pelluco and continue until Chamiza. Starting from there you have two options to arrive at the National Park: 1) to take the deviation to the left by the valley of the river Chamiza going by the village Correntoso and in the kilometer 30 arrive at the Park National Alerce Andino to enter to the Sector Correntoso, from where you can arrive at the lake Chapo, continuing other 13 kilometers. This National Park has 20,000 hectares of larch forests approximately and infinity of lagoons; there is a series of paths that will allow you to get by foot to places of an indescribable beauty. 2) from Chamiza the road skirts the sea and starting from Piedra Azul until the creek La Arena (end of the estuary Reloncaví), it operates the Circuit of Services of Rural Tourism. It has been qualified to several families of small farmers so that they lend tourist services as family lodging, typical foods, places to camp, boat trips, etc. In the kilometer 33 of this trip you will arrive to Chaica that fby a deviation of other 7 kilometers, you will be able to consent to the National Park Alerce Andino by the Sector Chaica. By another signalled road of 12 kilometers to the entrance of the park you arrive to the Alerce Mountain Lodge, a located exclusive hotel at the end of a valley of glacier origin, surrounded of millennial larches. It has all the comfort that you can need besides an exceptional cooking and several scheduled trips, by foot or horse, to places of an extraordinary beauty.

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