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What to do in Puerto Piramides, Patagonia Argentina

Main Activities

Observing the whales: Puerto Pirámides is synonymous of whales; already when arriving to the coast it is possible to see the jets of vapor of water discharged by these fabulous animals and it is unavoidable that the tourists hurry to hire an embarked trip that allow to see them closely. The trip consists on coming closer with the craft until the calm whales and to stop the engine and then to let them come closer even more. It is as if these enormous cetaceans were trained and they thanked the presence of the visitors. The experience is unforgettable.
To the Center of Interpretation of the Peninsula Valdés: in fact he/she goes obligatorily by this place when entering to the peninsula by the isthmus Carlos Ameghino 20 kilometers before arriving to Puerto Pirámides. In this interpretation center you can appreciate a skeleton of southern right whale, numerous species of embalmed birds, explanatory squares of the marine system, a micro-cinema and a tower with very good panoramic view.
To Punta Pardela: excellent beach located 12 kilometers from Puerto Pirámides, from where you can arrive in automobile or walking, ideal for the practice of the sport fishing or diving.
To Punta Norte: it is the north end of the peninsula Valdés. In this place it is frequent the orcas appearance between the months of February and May that literally leave to the coast to feed of puppies of marine elephants, producing an impressive show. The reproducer colony of marine elephants of Punta Norte is the only one existent in continental territory.
To Caleta Valdés: located 30 kilometers to the southeast of Punta Norte. It conform a natural channel that harbors a varied marine and terrestrial fauna. Marine elephants, marine wolves of one hair, whales and penguins of Magellan can be seen.

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