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What to do in Quellon, Chiloe island, Patagonia Chile

To Yaldad, visiting Quellón Viejo and Punta Lapa: leave from Quellón toward the west skirting the bay; to only 4 kilometers you will arrive to Quellón Viejo, where you will find just the beach and a chapel. It was deposit of coal for the Marina. If you return to the main road and you advance 3 more kilometers, you will arrive to Punta Lapa, where it finishes the route #5 (Pan-American). From there you have a beautiful view toward the island Cailín and to the volcano Corcovado in the continent. It has camping site, cabins and restaurants. 9 more kilometers toward the west traveling a forest of cinnamon trees will arrive to Yaldad, a village with beach and ‘choros’ hatchery (a kind of shellfish). You will be able to observe primitive canoes of trunks emptied to fire, called ‘Bongos chilotes’. You will also see in the front coast Puerto Carmen, helmet of an estancia (country property) that embraces the whole south of the island of Chiloé. This type of estates of such extension is common along the whole Patagonia, so much Argentinean as Chilean.
Embarked to the islands: in the port of Quellón they can be rented boats to travel the channel Chaiguao, the bay of Huellonquén, the island Cailín and the cave of the pirate Ñancupel. These are interesting walks by the confines of Chiloé, with really astonishing views.

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