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What to do in Rio Grande, Patagonia Argentina

Main Activities

FLY FISHING: the Rio Grande is the best fishery of the world for sea trout (migratory brown trout). This magnificent river holds 7 world records in the different fly fishing categories, including some that overcome the 14 kilograms.
The access to the river is free in the area near to its outlet in the sea, but the good fishing concentrates upstream on places that are controlled by the different estancias (country properties), to those that you can enter previous payment of the corresponding tariff.
To the estancias (country properties): in the surroundings of the city there are 2 estancias that for their dimensions, history and infrastructure, they deserve to be visited. The Maria Behety, possessor of one of the biggest sheep shearing buildings of the world, and the José Menendez whose main house presents an architectural style worthy of being admired.
To the ‘Misión Salesiana’: located 10 kilometers to the north of the city by the national route #3. There a museum works where they can be appreciated an important quantity of objects that show the history and the fauna of the region.
To the lake Yehuin: located 88 kilometers to the south of Rio Grande by the National route #3 and the complementary "F" and "H". Framed by hills and lengas forests, it is an ideal place for trips in boat. In the head of the lake there is hostel.
To Cabo San Pablo: located 80 kilometers to the south of Rio Grande by the national route #3 and the complementary "A". The road allows to obtain beautiful views on the hills and lengas forests that converge in the sea. In front of these costs is the abandoned helmet of the Desdemona, a ship aground that has become a symbol of the place.
To ‘Punta Paramo’: 104 kilometers to the north of Rio Grande is this strange natural phenomenon, worthy of being admired. It is an earth tongue that goes into the sea, in north south address, similar to a basin, separating the waters of the bay San Sebastian of the open sea. This place of strange beauty and solitude was chosen at the beginning of the century by the Romanian adventurer Julio Popper, who there developed the industry of the gold and created his own currency.
To the lake Fagnano: located 117 kilometers to the south of Rio Grande by the National route #3. It is surrounded of mountainous cords covered by lengas forests. It extends along more than 100 kilometers and it drains in the Pacific Ocean through the river Azopardo. It is excellent for the fishing of the brown trout, rainbow and brook. Along the lake they are several species of birds like seabird, petrels, caiquenes and pardelas.

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