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What to do in Rio Turbio, Patagonia Argentina

Main Activities

SKI - SNOWBOARD: In the Center of Winter Sports Valdelén located to 4 kilometers of Río Turbio, almost on the frontier with Chile, near the International Pass Mina Uno, it can be practiced Nordic and alpine ski, and snowboard. It has hints with soft to moderate inclinations and powdered snow during almost the whole winter. The elevation means are a tele-seat of 1.000 meters and two tele-ski. There’s also a well equipped hostel.

Places to visit in the city

The Museum school, where the novice miners are prepared with scale models and explanations in charge of veteran miners on the processes of exploitation.
To the Center of Winter Sports Valdevén: to ascend in the tele-seat until the summit in any time of the year and to be dazzled with the view of the Torres del Paine and the breasts of the Chilean channels in the Ocean Pacific.
To the river Primavera: by the route to the International Pass ‘Cancha Carrera’, where there is an excellent place to camp and to fish.
To Mina Uno: mouth of the first mine of coal, located to 6 kilometers of Río Turbio, where there is a good place to camp (without services).
To the Patagonic estancias in the surroundings of the town: besides lodging and very good food, they offer trips to horse, of fishing and trekking by unexplored places of a wonderful Patagonia.

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