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What to do in Temuco, Patagonia Chile

Places to visit in the city

The Market. It works from 1930. It is already an historical place of sale of Mapuche craft: textile, carved in wood, silver and up to antiques mapuches of an unsuspected value.
The Park Rail Museum, to the north of the station. There is a collection of vapor locomotives manufactured at the beginning of the XX century that has been declared National Monument.
The hill Ñielol. Natural monument of 90 hectares, where there is information on the protected wild areas and from its mirador a beautiful view of the city is obtained.
To Port Saavedra: in the Pacific Ocean, going by Nueva Imperial and Carahue. 30 kilometers to the west of Temuco and beside the river Imperial is located Nueva Imperial, a city of 12,000 inhabitants, in which is carried out a handmade fair in the month of February, where artisans of the whole region expose. Continuing in direction to the sea, 25 kilometers later on you will arrive to Carahué (8,000 inhabitants) where you will be able to visit in the square and its surroundings, 40 ‘locomóviles’ (transportable vapor motors) that form the Museum of the Age of Vapor. Traveling other 30 kilometers by the south margin of the river Imperial you get to Puerto Saavedra, a supply center for the peasants of the coast that has 14,000 inhabitants. 4 kilometers to the south you arrive to Boca Budi, a spa very frequented in the outlet of the river Budi. There are cabins, hotel, hostels and restaurants with marine delights.
To the volcano Llaima: Leave Osorno toward the north by the Pan-American Highway and in Cajón take the route that goes to the east, heading for Vilcún. There you can visit the Church ‘San Francisco de Assisi’, built at the beginning of the XX century by priests Cappuccinos. Starting from Vilcún, the road is of rubble and it begins to ascend. 15 kilometers after having passed the town of Cherquenco stop to see a fall of water among the forest, the jump Lan Lan. A kilometer later on you will arrive to the Sector ‘Los Paraguas’, an access control to the National Park Conguillío, and 8 kilometers ahead you get to the Refuge, in the center of a forest of millennial araucarias. From this place you can make a series of walks by the eternal snow of the volcano Llaima, the most active in South America, with 24 eruptions in the XX century, 3.100 meters high and a crater 350 diameter meters. In winter works the ski center ‘Las Araucarias’.

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