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What to do in Trelew, Rawson and Gaiman, Patagonia Argentina

Places to visit in Trelew

The Paleontological Museum Egidio Feruglio, one of the best of the country, in which they can be traveled 300 million years of biological history.
The Welsh chapel Tabernac, built in 1890, being one of the oldest buildings in the city.

Places to visit in Rawson

The port of Rawson, located in the outlet of the river Chubut, beside Playa Union, the weekend place of the inhabitants of the inferior valley of the river Chubut. Here it is carried out during the first days of the month of February, the National Party of the Fishermen.
The Welsh chapel Berwyn built in 1881, being the oldest in the region.
The Regional Museum Don Bosco where fossils remains and weapons used during the Conquest of the Desert can be observed.

Places to visit in Gaiman

Anyone of the grateful and specialized Welsh houses of tea, where exquisite tarts, lemon pie, cakes, rolls with shortening and homemade candies, etc can be savored.
The Historical Museum in the old station of the railroad.
The Welsh chapels built at the end of the XIX century as the chapel ‘Vieja’ and the chapel ‘Bethel’.
Trips from Trelew
To the Provincial Reservation ‘Punta Tombo’: it is located 110 kilometers to the south of Trelew by the provincial route #1 on the coast of the ocean Atlantic. It is a tongue of 3 kilometers that goes into in the sea with beaches to both sides and a surface of 210 hectares. In this space it nests the biggest quantity Magellan penguins of the continent (180,000 couples). One of the big curiosities is that the penguins besides being monogamous, every year they look for the same nest. In Punta Tombo is possible also to observe other species that nest there: the gulls that steal eggs and pigeons of penguins, the hijackers that pursue them and the antarctic doves looking for broken eggs of cormorán.
To the hydroelectric dike Florentine Ameghino: located on the river Chubut upstream of the valley Alsina. It started operating in 1963, being the first great hydroelectric undertaking of the Patagonia. It was built to protect the inhabitants of the inferior valley of the river Chubut of the floods and to provide from electric power to the cities of Comodoro Rivadavia and Puerto Madryn.

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