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What to do in Trevelin, Patagonia Argentina

Main Activities

The Chapel Bethel built in 1910, center of meetings of the Welsh families.
The traditional house of Welsh tea.
The Regional Museum that has valuable testimonies of the history of the district.
The former mill Andes, first floury mill of the mountain range.
The forest nursery, by the route toward the prey Futaleufú, where species are cultivated to repopulate the forests of the mountain range.
To the National Park Los Alerces: Leaving from Esquel or Trevelín you have to take the route #71 that takes to Villa Futalaufquen located to the south of the homonymous lake. This place is the access to the National Park Los Alerces and headquarters of it Intendency. It has hotels, cabins, camping site, and it is the starting point of numerous trips in automobile, in crafts by rivers and lakes, trekking, cavalcades or mountain bike. One of the unlosable walks is the organized lacustrine trip to the Millennial Forest of Larches. It leaves of the port Limonar in the lake Futalaufquen, then it navigates the river Arrayán, the lakes Green and Menéndez, until the forest of millennial larches where one stands out in particular of more than 2,600 years of age, 60 meters high and a diameter bigger than 2 meters.
From Villa Futalauquen toward the north and always by the provincial route #71 you arrive to the different sectionals of the national park.
To 30 kilometers it is the sectional Arrayanes with hostel and camping area on the riverbank of the river Arrayanes. From there you can consent to: lagoon Escondida, lagoon Alta, hill Riscoso, hill ‘Alto el Petiso’ and to the lakes Menéndez, Hito and Rivadavia.
To 32 kilometers it is the sectional Lago Verde with camping site, market and sanitariums.
To 42 kilometers it is the sectional Rivadavia beside the lake of the same name with camping site, sanitariums and closed eating place. From this place it leaves a trip embarked by the lake Cholila and then by the river Tigre until the nascent of some glaciers.
To the lake Rosario: located 25 kilometers to the south by the route #17, excellent place for the practice of the sport fishing.
To Futaleufú: in the neighboring Republic of Chile, by the International Step Futaleufú, skirting the river of the same name, very frequented by the fanatics of the rafting.
To the Hydroelectric Complex Futaleufú: located to 20 kilometers from Trevelín by the route #259 inside the National Park Los Alerces. This complex finished being built in 1978 in order to providing electric power to the plant of aluminum elaboration (Aluar) located in Puerto Madryn. This prey formed the lake Amutui Quimey of 92 kilometers square, the only artificial lake "inside a national park" in the Republic Argentina.

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