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What to do in Valdivia, Patagonia Chile

Places to visit in the city

The jetty Schuster, tourist port with walk ships and the market of the city where the boats arrive with the products of the sea and the boats that get off the rivers with agricultural merchandise.
The museum Mauricio Van de Maele (historical and anthropological), it belongs to the Southern University of Chile. It possesses dedicated rooms to remind the arrival of the first German colonists in 1849 and it also possesses pieces that remember the archaeology and customs mapuches like objects carved in wood, silver crafts, ceramic, leather and textile.
The Southern University of Chile and particularly their botanical garden with native plants.
The coastal of Valdivia: the one that surrounds to the residential neighborhood next to the river and that of Collico with a popular beach.
Fluvial trips
Going down by the river Valdivia to the sea: it Visits the castle San Pedro de Alcántara in the island Mancera and the castle San Sebastian de la Cruz in Corral.
Tour by the river Cruces: to the Sanctuary of the Nature Carlos Anwandter, formed by the sinking of the earth in the earthquake of 1960 that it flooded cultivated lands and gave life to a fabulous surrounded aquatic flora of forests with infinity of exotic birds. The trip finishes in the Fortification San Luis de Alba de Cruces.
Other: there are other line services that travel by the historical Spaniards fortifications.

To Niebla: until Niebla there are 18 kilometers and from there on some spectacular cliffs that fall to the sea you can travel the following beaches: Los Molinos, San Ignacio, Loncollén, Calfuco and lastly the beach-village of Curiñanco, with good fishing from the coast.
To Corral: from Niebla, where you can savor the best shellfish in Chile, you can transfer to Corral, port with 3,600 inhabitants that receives the products of the sea to transport them in boats to Valdivia. From Corral until ‘Punta del Conde’ you can visit one another a series of castles, fortifications and batteries that allow to understand the Spanish defensive system in what was the most fortified area in the South Pacific.

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