Viedma and Carmen de Patagones - Activities and excursions

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What to do in Viedma and Carmen de Patagones, Patagonia Argentina

Places to visit in Viedma

The historical apple in front of the square Alsina where it is the Museum Salesiano and the hexagonal tower with its steeple and the clock.
The museum of the street Rivadavia.
The clubs and spas of the coastal.

Places to visit in Carmen de Patagones

Carmen de Patagones possesses the charm of maintaining in her streets the history of her rich past through her culture and her architecture. Examples of this they are: the tower of the fortification, the colonial ranches, the parochial church inaugurated in 1885, the Regional Historical Museum Emma Nozzi, the Museum of the Subprefectura, the rail-cartwright bridge, the old jetty Mihanovich and the Hill of the ‘Caballada’.
Trips from Viedma
To the spa El Condor: after traveling 30 kilometers by the provincial route #1 toward the outlet of the river Negro in the sea, you arrive at the spa El Condor. Its beaches and marine village known as "La Boca" they are the main summer center of the area that counts with: hotels, hostels, camping site, restaurants, pubs, coffees and casino. The beaches allow to enjoy the sun, of the sea, of the fishing and of the practice of nautical sports as the windsurf and the windskate. Very near there, on a cliff 45 meters high, the Lighthouse of the Bar of the river Negro rises, the first lighthouse of the Patagonia Argentina inaugurated in 1887, from where an imposing view of that sector of the Atlantic coast is obtained.
Trips from Carmen de Patagones
To Bahía San Blás (the fishermen's paradise): it is a small marine village located 90 kilometers to Carmen de Patagones’ northeast, where it can be practiced the sea fishing in all their variants, with guaranteed results. It offers more than 30 crafts with professional guides for the fishing "varied" or of shark (copies 3 meters long and 180 kilograms weight have been obtained). Besides serene beaches and a lot of sun Bahía San Blás has different lodgings, coffees, pubs and restaurants.
To the Thermal baths 'Los Gauchos': located 110 kilometers to the north by the national route # 3. It is a complex of thermal waters that offers lodging and foods and of course thermal baths. These waters that are rich in bromine and with low proportions of iodine have excellent healing properties for diverse ailments.

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