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What to do in Villa El Chocon and the dinosaurs, Patagonia Argentina


FISHING: the artificial lake Exequiel Ramos Mexía is the biggest in the Republic Argentina (816 square kilometers) and its extensive costs have geographical accidents of different characteristic that they allow to practice the fishing in any modality the tourist wants. The most used are the spinning, the fly casting and the trolling, this last one embarked. Either in the lake or waters under the Chocón dike, in a short distance of the river Limay, very good brown trout, rainbow trout or pejerrey copies can be obtained. They have been captured brown of up to 10 kilos.
DINOSAURS: some of the most important discoveries in the world with regard to this topic, took place in Villa El Chocón. In 1987 a paleontologist and a geologist of the Museum of Natural Sciences of the ‘Universidad Nacional del Comahue’ carried out an important study in the region. Then they exhumed and they studied two important dinosaurs: the Ribachisaurus Tessonei and the Andessaurus Delgadoi, primitive dinosaur 15 meters long. In 1993 Rubén Carolini, a resident of Villa El Chocón, discovered the biggest carnivorous dinosaur in all the times, studied by paleontologists of the region who denominated it Giganotosaurus Carolinii. You can see it in the Municipal Museum. In the rocks of the surroundings of the lake Exequiel Ramos Mexía has been preserved foot-prints of dinosaurs that lived 105 million years ago in the area of El Chocón-Picún Leufú.

Places to visit in the area
The Hydroelectric Complex El Chocón: (when the construction began it was called “the work of the century”) that has a prey 92 meters high, 400 meters wide in the base and 2,222 meters of longitude of crowning.
The Municipal Museum: where Mr. Rubén Carolini shows us the most important dinosaur found until the moment, the Giganotosaurus Carolinii.
Other: Places of paleontological discoveries, petrified forests, canyons with important geologic structures and ‘ignitas’ (prints of dinosaurs).

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