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Activities in Villa la Angostura, Argentina.

What to do: Villa la Angostura
Excursion to Arrayanes Woods

Duration: Half Day
Available: All year round

Breakfast and departure to Arrayanes Woods located at south-west of Quetrihué Peninsula, starting at Villa La Angostura Port on a catamaran. After sailing for 45 minutes, we will arrive at the wood’s port, were we will land to start our stroll. We will walk for 800 m, observing this species that only here grows as a tree, because it is a bush.
The wood is between 18 and 25 m high, being 600 years old. After walking along this path we will get to a cottage where we will rest for a while and then get back to the ship which will take us back to Villa La Angostura. Another option is to get back on foot through Quetrihué Peninsula or by bike, taking advantage of the slope that will help us not to make so much effort.

Excursion to Correntoso Lake

Duration: Half Day
Available: All year round

Breakfast and departure to Correntoso Lake, found at only 4 km by National Route Nr 231 towards Seven Lakes Way. At this point we meet Correntoso River which, depending on the lake level, its length varies between 165 and 300 m, and it is considered the shortest in the world. It holds transparent and green waters. It was named after its strong flow, mainly due to the unevenness between the two lakes it joins: Correntoso and Nahuel Huapi Lakes. It begins in the lake bearing the same name, and its delta is on Nahuel Huapi. It is crossed at about 20 m through a bridge to Seven Lagos Way on one end and to San Carlos de Bariloche City on the other, passing the village first. Return to the Hotel.

Excursion to Cerro Bayo

Duration: Half Day
Available: All year round

Breakfast and departure by National Route Nr 231 and the Provincial Route Nr
66, driving across Rio Bonito Valley for 6 km to get to Cerro Bayo.
This mountain is located in the Patagonian Andes Range, being 1,782 m high.
It is surrounded by woods which are added to the imposing views of Nahuel Huapi
Lake. The ski centre base is at 1,050 m above sea level. Cerro Bayo’s height as a
whole is 1,782 m above sea level, where we can go up to get an overwhelming
panoramic view of the lakes and surrounding mountains, Nahuel Huapi Lake,
Cerro Tronador, Quetrihúe Peninsula. Return to Hotel.

Places to visit in the city

• The area of the ‘Angostura’ (narrowness), where it is the building of National Parks, the Regional Historical Museum and the two jetties: one on the bay Brava and another on the bay Mansa (Puerto Angostura), from where they leave the lacustrine trips to the Forest of arrayanes. This “narrowness” is the entrance to the peninsula Quetrihué, National Park Los Arrayanes in whose south end is the aforementioned forest.

• The Messidor. Small castle of French style built in 1942 by the architect Alejandro Bustillo, on a property of 36 hectares in the coast of the bay Mansa. In 1964 this castle becomes property of the Neuquén province to be official residence of the provincial government. There presidents, diplomats and important men from all over the world have lodged.

• The miradors of the peninsula Quetrihué. In the entrance of the National Park Los Arrayanes we meet with two paths. If we take the stepped of the right, after half hour we will arrive to the Mirador Arrayán from where we can observe the lake Nahuel Huapi with the arms Machete, Rincón and Ultima Esperanza; the bay Brava, the island Fray Menéndez and the mountainous cord that separates us of Chile. Recapturing the path toward the left we arrive to the miradors Messidor I and II from where we can see the bay Mansa, tourist cabins and parts of the castle Messidor. The vegetation that dominates this walk is the big coihues, lauras maquis, climbings like the ‘mutisia reina’ of orange color or the ‘mutisia virreina’ of violet color and orchids. We will also be able to listen varied sound songs of birds like the chucao, ratonera, rayaditos and southern parrots.


To both places you arrive by the same road. Leaving from the Direction of Tourism building toward the west, after 1,200 meters takes the street Cacique Antriao to travel 1 kilometer more until arriving to the ascent road. 1,700 meters ahead there is a bifurcation: if we take to the left we arrive to the mirador Belvedere from where we can observe the lake Correntoso, the river Correntoso, 3 arms of the lake Nahuel Huapi, the hotel Correntoso and to the bottom the mountain range of the Andes. If we take to the right, it begins the path that takes us to the cascade Inacayal 50 meters high after some minutes. The stream Las Piedritas formed by thaw water, it is the course of water that gives origin to the cascade in whose canyon rocky formations can be appreciated with a glacier erosive process in its beginnings that then gave step to the fluvial erosion that gave him the V shape.

Leave from Villa La Angostura toward Bariloche, after 3 kilometers take the rubble road to the left that ascends until the base of the hill Bayo and stop after traveling other 5 kilometers where the poster that indicates the presence of the cascade of the Bonito river is. It is necessary to travel a path of about 200 meters to arrive to a mirador located exactly in front of the fall of water 35 meters high on a pot of basaltic rocks 8 diameter meters, among hillsides of hills with a dense vegetation. A kilometer later on the road arrives to the base of the hill Bayo. This ski center arises in 1973 of the enthusiasm and several residents' of the village work. Today it has 2 double tele-seat, 5 tele-ski, 1 T-bar tele-ski and 2 baby-lifts with a capacity of 4,500 persons/hour; 20 kilometers of hints and roads and a pub in the intermediate area with an imposing view on the lake Nahuel Huapi, Villa La Angostura and the mount Tronador.

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