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What to do in Villa Traful, Patagonia Argentina

To the stream Catarata and Puerto Arrayán: by the provincial route #65 toward the west skirting the south coast of the lake Traful after traveling 10 kilometers you arrive to the bridge on the stream Catarata. Starting from there the trip continues on foot by a path that follows the course of the stream amid the forest, to arrive after 40 minutes of march to a beautiful cascade 20 meters high. Near where the vehicles are left is located Puerto Arrayán, a beautiful bay with magnificent beaches. In this place it is the outlet of the river Machico in the lake Traful, very frequented by the lovers of the fly fishing.
To the hills Negro and Monje: this trip is carried out on foot and it is capable only for people with good physical shape since is to ascend by different roads from 717 to 2,000 meters over the sea level. As one goes ascending it is possible to meet natural miradors with imposing views on the lake and the gradual disappearance of the vegetation is observed. The effort is rewarded since the landscape from the height is impressive and one can see the volcano Lanín and Chilean volcanos.
To the lagoons Las Mellizas and indigenous rock Paintings: crossing the lake Traful from the jetty of Villa Traful to arrive to a beach of sand in the north coast. Starting from there, the trip can be done on foot or horse. In the case of carrying out it on foot, it requires two hours of walk in ascent through a canyon. You arrive at the lagoons Las Mellizas, surrounded of a beautiful landscape and in that area they are very well conserved indigenous rock paintings.
To the cascade Ñivinco and to the river Pichi Traful: by the provincial route #65 toward the west until El Portezuelo, connecting with the national route #234 (route of the 7 lakes) toward the north 20 kilometers, you arrive to the area of the river Ñivinco. The river is forded and you begin to travel a path that skirts the river amid a closed forest of ñires and cane colihue during 45 minutes until arriving to the first jump of water. By the same route #234 you can continue and to visit the outlet of the river Pichi Traful in the northwest end of the lake Traful, excellent place for fly fishing.

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