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What to do in Villarrica, Patagonia Chile

Places to visit in the city

The Coastal Avenue. From the pier to the camping site area with beautiful views on the volcano Villarrica and the lake.
The Fair and the Museum Mapuche. They are to the side practically one of another. In the first one you will be able to know the most outstanding artisans and in the museum, besides being able to see a cultural sample, you’ll also enjoy an exhibition of prehispanic typical instruments.
The journey from Villarrica to Pucón by the south coast of the lake. A 25 kilometers trip by asphalted road with excellent views to the lake going for a walk permanently among summer houses, motels, cabins, camping, hotels, condominiums and arriving at the hotel Antumalal, old fishing limit inaugurated in 1945, where you can lunch or have dinner in an exclusive international restaurant.
To the lake Colico and the lake Caburgua in its north margin: Leaving Villarrica to the north by a rubble road. After 7 kilometers you can stray to the right to know the motel Los Boldos on the west coast of the lake Villarrica, or to the left to make a visit to the lake Pichilafquén. In the kilometer 12 is the bridge over the river Pedregoso and a couple of kilometers later on the land rises, what allows you to see the lake Huilipilún. The trip continues by figured fields until arriving to the kilometer 32, where you have 2 options to arrive at the Colico lake: 1) taking the way to the left going by Los Laureles, Las Hortensias and Cunco. 2) taking the way to the right (it is shorter), crossing the bridge over the Colico river some kilometers later on and 13 kilometers later, connecting with the road that gets off Cunco (option 1), from where both options are about 5 kilometers to the arrival to Puerto Puma in the Colico lake. If you choose the option 2) we recommend you to advance 3 kilometers taking the way to the option 1 to visit the Ecological Tourist Complex Trailanqui next to the river Curaco. Puerto Puma is at the northwest end of the lake Colico, it has beaches and camping areas. From that place the road continues to the east skirting the north coast of the lake until arriving to the bridge on the river Trafanpulli that ends in the eastern end of the lake. From this bridge the road continues by the valley of the river and 11 kilometers ahead it arrives at Playa Negra, in the north margin of the lake Caburgua, from where one can see the lake in all its magnitude, with the volcano Villarrica at the bottom.

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