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Activities in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

What to do: BUENOS AIRES

Duration: Half Day
Available: All year round

This beautiful trip lasts 3 hours and a half and the main city’s attractions will be visited. The trip starts in the imposive “Congreso de la Nación” and “Plaza de Mayo” which commemorates the historical revolution. Surrounding this square, building of a historic significance such as “La Casa de Gobierno” or “Casa Rosada”, “Catedral Metropolitana” and “El Cabildo” will be seen. Going down 9 de Julio Avenue, you will see “Teatro Colón” ( Colón Opera House ) and “El obelisco” ( The Obelisk), symbols of the great “porteña” city. Travelling through Colón walk in the way to “La Boca” neighbourhood, you will stop in order to visit the famous street “caminito” with its colourful houses. “Puerto Madero”, which is harmoniously in contrast to the beautiful parks of “Palermo”, will lead you to “Recoleta” neighbourhood and to its historical and magnificent cemetery.


Duration: Half Day
Available: All year round
It is a 5 hour tour and you can enjoy a trip in the modern “Trencito de la Costa” (Costa’s little train). This tour allows to enjoy the unique riverside views which cover residential areas such as “Olivos”, “San Isidro” and “San Fernando” neighbourhoods, in order to reach finally the city of “Tigre”. It is one of the most important trips near de Capital where you can see rowing and yacht clubs, holiday homes and weekend cottages. By the city’s riverside you can enjoy going to snack bars and restaurants. You will also sail for an hour along Parana’s river channel.
It is a whole day trip.


Duration: Half Day
Available: All year round
“Tango”, Buenos Aires’ essence, today dresses up different halls in the whole world. The melancholy of its exquisite music and lyrics, are known and heard in different parts of the world.
To reach Buenos Aires is to breath tango and the overwhelming beauty of its dancing make of it an incredible show.
Different tours are fixed in order for you to visit and enjoy the famous places of “tango”.

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