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Travel guide to Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego.

Discover Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia Argentina.

TIERRA DEL FUEGO: Ushuaia is the capital of the ‘Tierra del Fuego, Antártida e Islas del Atlántico Sur’ province with 45000 inhabitants. Ushuaia was Founded October 12 1884 with the purpose of sitting down sovereignty on the southern area, and considered the most southern city in the world, it is located on the bay of the same name in the north coast of the Beagle channel and at the base of the last cord of the mountain range of the Andes. In the architecture of the city they combine the original housings made of wood and iron sheet with modern buildings lifted starting from the industrial development of the decade of 1980. From 1902 up to 1947 was headquarters of the famous Prison of Ushuaia where the most dangerous criminals were sent. In the decade of 1950 the city became an important naval base. Today in the port you can see ships of Navy, tourism cruises, cargo carriers and fishing ships that discharge 'centolla' crabs. Ushuaia has a coastal avenue that travels its marine border where the Tourist Jetty of the city is; from there catamarans that travel the Beagle channel come out. The center of the commercial activity is the San Martín avenue, where numerous shops that sell cared articles at a very good price since they are tax-free. The growth of the tourist infrastructure is manifested in the presence of a two five stars hotel, several of four, besides numerous hostels and lodgings. Tierra del Fuego has many places of an incomparable beauty: the Lapataia bay, the Beagle channel with its islands, the Estancia (ranch) Harberton and the National Park Tierra del Fuego, to which you can arrive in a trip by a train that leaves from the station "Fin del Mundo" (end of the world).


At about 8 o’ clock passengers will be picked up from their hotels to go on excursion to Tierra del Fuego National Park. Departure by National Route Nr 3 in south-west direction, skirting Beagle Channel. We will stop at the old End of the World Railway Station for those who want to make this trip, on a narrow path train, going through the valleys for about 20 minutes. Then, once in the National Park, we will go on to Ensenada Bay, here Redonda Island can be seen. We will go across woods where we will observe the local flora and fauna, till we arrive at Lapataia Bay, the southernmost point of the continent, where we will have a short walk to the Chilean border. Return to Ushuaia. Duration: half a day.


TIERRA DEL FUEGO Ushuaia - the World's End

In the afternoon, departure from tourist pier to sail Beagle Channel, observing
Argentinian coasts and Navarino Island on the opposite side (Chile). We will
arrive at Les Eclaireurs Headlight, Ushuaia’ s emblem. On our way back, we
will sail among some islets. Elephant seals can be appreciated in one of them,
whereas a variety of birds can be seen in the other. Arrival to Ushuaia.

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Tierra del Fuego
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