Patagonia travel guide: central andean region

Central Andean region
This area embraces from the north of the island of Chiloé in Chile and from the south limit of the Río Negro province in Argentina, until the parallel 48 of soth latitude, as for the south north space. To the west the limit is the pacific ocean and to the east a south-north straight line wich coincides with the meridian 70.Much more uninhabited that the north Andean region, it contains a great variety of landscapes, many of which stay almost virgin, such as the archipelagos and fiords of the Pacific, the fields of ice and extensive native forests. To the north of this region it deserves a special mention the island of Chiloé whose particular history has generated a surprising miscegenation culture Hispanic-mapuche, also conditioned by the marine means. In the Argentinean side the National Park 'Los Alerces' and the area agricultural-cattleman and tourist with center in Esquel are the most remarkable attractiveness.

The central andean region in the Patagonia


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