Patagonia travel guide: central coast region

Central Plateau & Coast region
Limited to the west by the meridian 70, to the north for the south limit of the Río Negro province, to the south by the parallel 48 and to the east for the Atlantic ocean.The semi-arid plains of falling altitude toward the Atlantic covered with a low vegetation adapted to the hard climatic conditions conform the predominant landscape. The valleys of the rivers Chbut and Deseado they give origin to oasis where the population settles. In the coast the plateaus generally finish in cliffs that descend toward the beaches of smooth thick. The Peninsula Valdés stands out to be a fauna reservation of world fame: whales, orcas, penguins, marine wolves and other species can be observed in their natural habitat. More to the south, in the latitude of Puerto Deseado, the National Monument 'Bosque Petrificado' impacts with the biggest fossil trunks known until today.
To observe the whales in this region is world known and unique. You can do it from the coast or embarked, observing these wonderful and giant cetaceans very closely...


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Central Plateau & Coast region-
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