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North Andean region

This area embraces the 8th, the 9th and part of the 10th regions in Chile and part of the Neuquén and Río Negro provinces in Argentina. The limits are: to the north the line that divides the 7th and 8th region in Chile, and the rivers Barrancas and Colorado in Argentina; to the south the straight line that divides the Río Negro and Chubut provinces in Argentina that continues imaginarily toward Chile skirting the north of the island of Chiloé; to the west the pacific ocean and to the east a vertical north-south line coincident with the meridian 70 (approx.).To both sides of the mountain range of the Andes it contains tourist attractiveness of first level, as much in Argentina as in Chile. Numerous border steps allow to organize journeys that embrace both countries. The Andes with their picks, lakes, thermal waters, ski centers and landscapes of singular beauty conform the axis of the region.

Patagonia: north Andean region


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