Patagonia travel guide: North coast region

North Plateau & Coast region
This region is defined to the north by the river Colorado, to the west by the meridian 70, to the south by the line of the south limit of the Río Negro province, and to the east by the Atlantic ocean.The extensive arid plateau that descends toward the Atlantic is one of the typical features of the Patagonia landscape. It is furrowed by the big rivers Neuquén, Limay and Negro whose waters allow the watering of the biggest fruit oasis in the country. A rosary of cities settles in the riversides, from Neuquén to Viedma. The big dikes have generated artificial lakes on the rivers Neuquén and Limay modifying the natural landscape, as well as the oil exploitation, whose facilities interrupt the desert. In the coast, beaches with different grade of tourist development attract for their rural beauty, the presence of marine fauna or the possibility of sport fishing.
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