Patagonia travel guide: South region

South region
This area embraces all the territory to the south of the parallel 48. Without a doubt it is the one that more represents what the name Patagonia contains. Imposing landscapes, big masses of ice, high mountains, enormous distances, rigorous climate with strong winds and extreme temperatures, not very inhabited, they are the characteristic that come to mind when somebody mentions it, and they are contained in this exciting south region. The places preferred by the tourists that visit this region are: the National Park 'Los Glaciares' with their star the glacier Perito Moreno, the National Park 'Torres del Paine' with their spectacular beauty and more to the south the islands of Tierra del Fuego where Ushuaia, the most southern city in the world is. For the enthusiasts of the sport fishing there are several excellent places: in the first place and without a doubt the paradise is the Río Grande, the best fishery of the world for brown trout; it is very good also the Gallegos river with the same species and it is in growth the river Santa Cruz where excellent steelhead copies can be obtained.
Patagonia: the southern region


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