Patagonia Real Estate

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Patagonia Real Estate

This is our Real Estate page. You can buy or sell a property in the PATAGONIA.
If you want to buy or sell any property in the region, this is the right place to do it. You can take a look at the properties below, you can email us or you can fill the real estate form at the bottom of this page.

We'll find what you're looking for !!!

Wonderful property in the chilean Patagonia
Carretera Austral - Cisne Medio - XI Region - Chile
2025 hectares of absolute beauty, own lake, river Cisnes, streams, native forest, excellent fishing, hunting, capable for cattle raising and cultivations, special for the TOURIST development.

Property for sale on Lake Gutierrez
21 Km. from San Carlos de Bariloche - Argentina
24 hectares land, with four buildings including 150 square meters main house. 21 hectares are forest, the property is on the lake with its own beach, very nice landscapes and view to the Catedral mount.
Fifteen minutes from Bariloche and Catedral Ski Center. AWESOME !!!

Beautiful property for sale

To the south of Esquel - Trevelín - Chubut - Argentina
The property is located near Esquel and Trevelín, 750 meters over the sea level with an exceptional view. Land: 12 hectares of which 10 are forested (15 years trees).
It has a beautiful cabin of 80 square meters, a house of 70 square meters and a work shop of 36 m2. A beautiful pool of 12 x 4 meters......

Land for sale in Bariloche - Patagonia Argentina
Kilometer 23.7 on the road to Llao llao
3590 square meters land, located 150 meters from the Bustillo Avenue in San Carlos de Bariloche, Patagonia Argentina. The land has native forest and excellent location.
Magnificent property for sale
Cayutue Lodge - Lake Todos los Santos - Chile
Magnificent property in lake Todos Los Santos , 10th region , Chile. This fly fishing lodge is located in a beatiful area surrounded by native forest, rivers and lakes. The size is 262 hectares and includes caddle, boats, a beautiful house, and a growing business.

House in Las Pendientes - Cerro Chapelco
Chapelco - San Martín de los Andes - Neuquén - Argentina
Land of 2,900 square meters located in the private neighborhood 'Las Pendientes' (The Slopes) in the Hill Chapelco, 1,000 meters from the base of the ski and snowboard center. The house size is 200 square meters including 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, kitchen-laundry, living-dining room, two firewood stoves....

Property for sale

Rio Negro - Hornopiren - sector Chaqueihua - Chile
The property is located in the sector Chaqueihua, it has acces to the National Park, to thermal baths, mountains, rivers, lakes, sea and volcanos. Area: 14.000 square meters with native forest. It is a tourist complex of 4 cabins, 1 restaurant and camping place with 6 complete bathrooms. Natural gas, electricity, pure water......

Property for sale
In the Aysen estuary, Chile real estate
With a surface of 356 hectares, located in sector of Playas Blancas, Rio Pescado, Commune and County of Aysén, XI Region, capable for cattle raising, forest use, tourism, etc. It is a remote land, safe and beautiful...

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We are looking for (to buy) real estate in Patagonia.
Land 5,000 hectares and more in Argentina and Chile.
Any big land for sale in Patagonia Argentina and/or Chile.
capable for the cattle breeding and/or tourism.
With or without infrastructure.
Pricing: reasonable.
Property with at least 5,000 sheep.
Between Peninsula Valdes and Comodoro Rivadavia.
Between the national route #3 and the sea.
Confidential deal.
Pricing: ANY (cash).
Best Patagonia real estate.
Property in VALDIVIA Chile.
House with 3/4 bedrooms, and 2/3 bathrooms.
River / Ocean frontage.
2+ hectares.
Close to the city.
All services.
Property in Argentina or Chile.
Close to a big center (no more than 20-30 minutes).
Well made house.
Nice and big land.
Capable to cultivate.
Could be used for Bed & Breakfast.
Pricing range US$ 150.000 - 250.000
Property for the breeding of bovine livestock.
Size: 2000 to 3000 hectares.
With or without infrastructure.
Real estate in Patagonia.
Property any place in Patagonia Argentina.
Close to a route.
Capable to cultivate.
Up to US$ 70,000
Property in Lago Puelo or surroundings.
Approx. size 10000 square meters (1 hectare) with or without a house.
Net gas (natural gas).
Sight to the lake.
Capable to cultivate fruits and vegetables.
Land in Playas Doradas / Las Grutas.
Ready to do some building.
Pricing: up to $ 15,000
More properties in our patagonia real estate section...

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