Patagonia Map


Map of Patagonia

The following map is intended to provide the visitors with a good
image showing the region in both countries, Argentina and Chile.
You'll find details on the cities, roads, National Parks, rivers, lakes, country borders,
provinces and regions limits, tourist icons.

If you would like to have a much more detailed image with lots of information please download the hi-res Patagonia Map
which adds route numbers, distances, more towns & villages, National Park names, etc. Enjoy!

Map od Patagonia
When we started our website back in 2002 we developed a vector graphics map in order to provide a detailed area around each of the 72 covered destinations in the Patagonia. Now we realize that there are no quality maps on the web covering the full region, therefore we decided to upload this higly detailed one that will surely be useful for those visitors that want to have an accurate idea on locations, distances, etc.
By clicking over the image or on the link above it, you'll also have access to a high resolution image. We hope you like it.


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Patagonia Map -
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