Patagonia Cruises

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Patagonia Cruises

Patagonia Cruises: Mare & Via Australis and others

Australis Cruises in Patagonia

Australis Cruises started their cruise operation in 1990 for the Patagonia region, including Argentina and Chile destinations. It is an amazing experience to travel to Cape Horn through the Beagle channel, the Magellan Strait, the Chilean Fjords, going both ways from Ushuaia to Punta Arenas with Zodiac excursions along the journey. Dramatic landscapes, glaciers, wildlife and history are some of the things you'll discover..... more on Stella Australis - Via Australis
These guys Héctor "Tiño" Resnik from Puerto Madryn, Pablo Querol & Matías Soriano from Trelew, they've always been related to the outdoor activities, starting this new adventure ...... more Info
Leal Cruise
Antarctic & Patagonia Cruise
Antarctic Dream Expeditions (11 days / 10 nights)
South Patagonia cruises: 7 nights - 4 nights - 3 nights
“Our voyage will take us through places of incomparable beauty, starting from the port of P. Arenas, where we board our vessel. During our expedition, we will navigate the Straits of Magellan, the channels and fiords zone; and then we will visit the Port of Ushuaia in Argentina and the mythical Cape Horn.”

Patagonia's Net offers travel information on the Patagonia region including Argentina and Chile providing tours, hotels, flights, transfers, excursions.
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