Patagonia Weather

The climate in this southern region is usually unstable (except for winter), and quite often you can feel like you're living the four seasons in just one day. Below you'll find the weather behavior for every season and this would give you an idea on what to expect, and the clothing you will need when coming down here.

Spring weather

The spring brings the beginning of the high tourist season which in most destinations starts in October 1st. Going from September 21st to December 21st the spring is the windiest season. Temperature highs will range from 30/40 (0/5șC) to 60/70 (15/20șC), with overnight lows from 25/40 (-5/5șC).
The wind can be severe with gusts of up to 50 mph or even more, the average being in the 15/30 range. Some rain or even snow might be present but this isn't a problem at all. Winter clothing is recommended.

Weather in summer

The summer goes from mid December to mid March. The climate in this southern region is usually unstable, and quite often you can feel like you're living the four seasons in just one day. This said, you can expect temperatures to go from 40/50 (5-10șC) to 60/80 (15-25șC) during the day, falling overnight to as low as 30/50 (0-10șC).
The wind is certainly present but it isn't as strong as in spring. Wind speeds of 10/20 miles are to be expected as average. It is the driest season so precipitations are not an issue, anyway we always suggest to bring rain jackets since they also act as wind stoppers.

The fall

The most colorful season! it goes from March 21st to June 21st. The autumn might be a little bit colder than the spring, but it is much less windy and more stable. The end of the tourist high season takes place in this season, between end of March and end of April depending on the destination. Make sure to bring winter clothes if you plan to visit the Patagonia during the fall.

Winter time

This is the more stable season regarding weather conditions, wind seem to be absent most of the time, and of course is the coldest time of the year. Winter games are present in some destinations, mostly for skiing and snowboarding.
Temperatures near the mountains and at the very south can go very low, frequently reaching 0 (-18șC). Many times the highs don't overcome the 30s (0șC), so heavy winter clothing is a must.

Patagonia weather forecast

Below you'll find the forecast for the glaciers park, this is just to provide an idea on the current weather conditions in the southern area of the Patagonia region.