Things to do/visit in Patagonia / Argentina / Chile

Perito Moreno glacier

This is surely the number one 'must see' item when visiting the southern part of South America. When you see the Perito Moreno glacier for the first time from the front balconies (which are huge by the way), it is more likely you'll feel overwhelmed and speechless. Perhaps the fact that the place is quiet and that the glacier and landscape are so impressive makes the whole show to stand out even more.
You'll need to stay overnight at El Calafate being able to take a full day tour to this amazing glacier, and there are a couple of options: the classic tour and the Mini Trekking glacier-trek. Please have a look at El Calafate tours for more details.

Iguazu Falls

No doubt that this is among the greatest waterfalls on earth. The Iguazu Falls will blow your socks off (sorry for the expression), and your heart bit will certainly increase when standing in front of the huge mass of powerful water. The Iguazu Falls are shared between Argentina (for the most part) and Brazil (the great Devil's thorat fall). It is possible to visit both sides while staying in Puerto Iguazu, Argentina.
Depending on your nationality it is possible that a visa is required for Brazil. Please visit the Iguazu Falls destination page for more info.

Australis Cruises

What a great experience! The Australis cruises are offered in an all inclusive basis only, and they travel among fjords, channels, glaciers, mountains and iconic places like Cape Horn. It is possible to depart from Ushuaia (Argentina) or from Punta Arenas (Chile) with the chance on doing 3, 4 or 7 night trips. During these expeditions one can take some excursions on the Zodiac boats including also some hikes.
More information on these cruises by clicking the Via Australis or the bigger Stella Australis cruise.

Whale watching

You can find these wonderful, huge and peaceful mammals from late May to the end of November/early December every year in the surroundings of Peninsula Valdes, corresponding to Puerto Madryn destination. The boat whale watching trips that depart from Puerto Piramide in Peninsula Valdes are the best possible experience, anyway you can observe them along the coast and a great place to do that is El Doradillo beach. Diving is not allowed.
You can check the Puerto Madryn tours page for more information on this destination.

Torres del Paine

Fantastic National Park in the southern Patagonia Chile. Dramatic landscapes, amazing wildlife, glaciers, rivers, lakes and the rocky massif which is really impressive. Torres del Paine can be visited by staying overnight in one of the hotels inside the park (this is the expensive option), or you can stay at Puerto Natales located an hour and a half away. One of the preferred hiking/trekking destinations in South America.
Please visit our Puerto Natales tours page to know more on Torres del Paine National Park, Chile.