How to reach Argentina & Chile destinations

To keep in mind:

When planning a trip to any place in Argentina or Chile you have to consider flying first to one of the Capitals:

Buenos Aires

Is the place to go when traveling to Argentina, which has two airports.
The international terminal (airport code EZE) receives flights from around the world, and the domestic one (airport code AEP) receives internal flights and some international from bordering countries like Chile and Uruguay.


Is the place to go when visiting Chile, there is one airport (airport code SCL) with two terminals, one international and one domestic.
Once in either of these major cities you have plenty of options that will allow you to fly to the many destinations connected to them, and also between the two since there are several daily flights connecting Buenos Aires and Santiago.

In the case of Buenos Aires, you have flights to the following tourist destinations:

As for Santiago, here are the main connections:

Important: Punta Arenas is also the airport to use when visiting Puerto Natales and Torres del Paine.

From these two big cities it is also possible to take buses to any place you want, but keep in mind that the distances in these southern countries are huge, therefore making a bus trip too long and not practical.
In order to understand more about the location of all destinations in Argentina and Chile including flight paths, please have a look at our Chile / Argentina map.

In any case, if you decide to contact us regarding a tour or a custom trip, we’ll advise on the best airport for your international arrival and of course we can help and/or arrange your internal flights.