Why travel with us?

These are some of the reasons:

Staff knowledge and response

We are experts in Argentina and Chile only, meaning that we know all the destinations within these two countries perfectly. We’ll respond fast to all your enquiries providing excellent assistance and the very best advice for a given trip. Our founder is living in Patagonia since 1962, hiring the very best professionals in the business, English speaking guides and staff that certainly have a vast knowledge.

Customized tours at no extra cost

Is the best way to enjoy your tour and to take advantage of your available time. We do offer many pre-made tours but in the end we always customize a given trip according to the travelers’ preferences, this is because we consider that visiting a specific destination is usually a once in a lifetime experience, and we want to make sure that you experience the best. The prices do not increase because of the fact that a trip is customized, not even a cent, it will be charged summing up all the services provided at a standard rate.

Reasonable prices

We are not offering here the very best prices in the business, not at all. Instead, we offer a very good balance between what you pay and what you get for that paid amount. Our tours are not cheap and the reason is simple: our goal is to provide the very best experience along your tour and for this we hire the best and most knowledgeable and friendly English speaking guides, staff and local services.


We review every single hotel, lodge and resort that we offer to our customers including the balance between the quality of services, staff, building, rooms, etc. and the rates. You can rest assured that every hotel that we provide will be at the top of its category also from a price point. We only provide accommodation in the range from 3 to 5 stars, we do not offer lower quality places to stay.

Support before and during your tour

We respond to every enquiry as fast as we can, usually within one business day before the tour. Along your trip you’ll have the contact information of all destination offices and an emergency number (mobile phone), for the staff that did take your reservation. In the case of any inconvenience during the tour you can contact the emergency number 24/7, and we’ll take care of anything you might need.

There are plenty of reasons on why you can choose our company for your next tour to Chile, Argentina, Patagonia being those mentioned above the most relevant. We guarantee that you’ll be completely satisfied with your experience in these amazing countries traveling with us, we know for sure that you’ll recommend our services to your friends after the trip.