El Calafate hotels

These are most of the accommodations that we provide at El Calafate

Luxury hotels
Eolo Patagonia's Spirit

Location: half an hour away from town. Excellent services with full board in a great environment on road to Perito Moreno glacier.

Los Notros

Very exclusive lodge with view to the Perito Moreno glacier, and located inside the Glaciers National Park. All inclusive programs.

Casa Los Sauces

With very good location at El Calafate this hotel, or better said this group of houses, offers very high quality personalized services.

Superior accommodation
Posada Los Alamos

A classic hotel at El Calafate with many years providing great services. Excellent location in town, very good restaurant, and all you may need.

Kosten Aike

Location: downtown at walking distance from most restaurants, very good and friendly staff, spacious rooms, high quality services.

Esplendor El Calafate

Well located hotel, a few blocks from downtown, views on the lake and the Andes, very good restaurant and Argentinean wine cellar.

Design Suites

Designed on wood and stone, this is a very good looking hotel. Nice views on the lake Argentino, located in a quiet place.

Mirador del Lago

Another classic at El Calafate, with proven services and trajectory, excellent location and friendly staff, very good deal.

Calafate Parque

Belong to the same group as to the Mirador del Lago hotel. Located downtown at one block from the main avenue. Good choice.

Standard tourist hotels